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Long-term test: Mazda6 2.0-litre TS2 diesel – on sale now



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The Mazda6 sits in a market segment focused on practicality and efficiency rather than style or driving passion, so it was fitting that my first weekend with our long-termer would involve 850 miles, a full boot and back seat passengers.

I’m happy to report that it fits its role well. It’s nice to drive, the cabin is comfortable and well built, there’s lots of room in the back and the factory-fitted Bose sound system sounds great no matter what you’re listening to.

Cruising abilities aside, Mazda claim that the 6 has the “soul of a sports car”. It stands up to this claim thanks to a great chassis that makes light work of winding roads, although the brakes and steering are lacking in feel.

It’s also got a striking profile, sharp and streamlined, though it’s much more pleasing to the eye in dark blue or black than our car’s repmobile edition silver. In fact it’s almost good looking enough to forgive the designers at Mazda for slapping Lexus-style lights on the back.

Yet somehow it falls short of being memorable. The Mazda6 arrived in 2002 and I had never noticed how common they are. So despite the sporty looks, it manages to do exactly what its rivals do best; blend in.

My long haul weekend pushed the 6 past its first service interval and Donalds Mazda in Peterborough was given the task of freshening up our well-used cruiser. I have no complaints about the service, but felt that extras such as a quick valet could have been offered. It’s a small thing but it improves the customer experience and involves little effort or investment.

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