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Maybach prices set


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DaimlerChrysler has announced pricing for its super-luxury Maybach saloon, which is due to go on sale on October 1. The short wheelbase Maybach 57 will list at £230,000, while the long wheelbase Maybach 62 is priced at £268,000.

Each buyer will be assigned a personal liaison officer to shepherd the cars from order to hand-over. The numbers refer to the length of the cars - 5720mm and 6160mm.

Maybach 62 - on sale spring 2003

Who said the 21st century would be filled with small, anonymous, economical commuter cars? Within weeks of Volkswagen Group coyly announcing hand-built copies of the Queen's new Bentley state limousine could be ordered from Crewe, and as BMW puts the finishing touches on its huge new Rolls-Royce, DaimlerChrysler gave the media a preview of its all-new Maybach uber-luxury saloon in New York.

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