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Mazda concept revealed at Geneva



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Mazda is to inveil a concept for a versatile, economical and environmentally-friendly sport tourer at the Geneva motor show this month.

The MX Sport Tourer showcases Mazda's "exploration into innovative designs and technology beyond the next generation of production models".

The power for the MX comes from a lightweight, high-performance 2.0-litre S-VT engine, plus an electric motor. The petrol unit is for out-of-town use and the electric motor of zero emission urban use. Electric mode gives a top speed of about 30mph. The motor recharges on the move through the petrol engine and regenerative braking.

Other distinctive features include a sports car cockpit, easy-to-use cargo area and a roof that can be retracted for open-air driving or to carry heavy loads.

##MX Sport--none--Mazda MX Sport Tourer concept##

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