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Mazda3 (2010)
Sport 2.2 diesel
RV 3yr/30k
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It has been six months since AM took delivery of our Mazda3 and it has provided faultless service in daily use that has seen it rack up 6,000 miles.

During those six months Mazda Motors UK has sold 8,526 Mazda3 models, including 868 of the 2.2-litre diesel like our test car.

In fact, the Mazda3 range ranks second in Mazda Motors UK’s total registrations this year and the fact that 2,772 have gone to fleets while 5,754 have gone to private buyers demonstrates its broad appeal.

The C-segment is a competitive marketplace and Mazda currently has a number of strong finance offers to support dealers in selling Mazda3.

A 0% typical APR deal enables customers to pay a 50% deposit followed by 24 or 36 monthly payments, while a two-year PCP is offered at 3.9% with two years’ free servicing and up to £750 deposit contribution as extra enhancements.

At £19,220 list price, the Mazda3 Sport we’re testing is at the higher end of the range. Nevertheless, it offers considerable value for retail customers looking for a well-equipped family hatch.

A comparable Vauxhall Astra lists at some £1,700 more, so buyers would need to negotiate for a decent discount to get similar value, while a similarly-equipped sporty Renault Megane diesel could see an unwitting customer part with £22,975.

Mazda’s brand perception has been lifted in recent years thanks to such design and quality-led products as the MX-5, RX-8, Mazda2 and Mazda6, all of which have received significant praise from the motoring media.

This Mazda3 continues that uplift.

Its styling is sporty yet inoffensive, the drive is pleasing enough and the interior fixtures are solid and stylish in appearance.

In its daily use, our car’s only quirk has been a tailgate which occasionally refuses to latch first time.

However, such an issue has been so sporadic that I’m not totally sure whether it’s actually down to a minor fault or the quantity of items being carried in the boot.

If further instances occur in the coming weeks, a quick check at
our local Mazda dealer may be necessary.

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