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Mercedes pledges high C-class value


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Mercedes is fighting back against claims its cars are overpriced in the UK and says the new C-class will be priced close to its German equivalent.

A company spokesman said that would be “when all the multiples based on specification and exchange rates” are taken into account.

The new C-class will be priced around the same level as the outgoing model and will be “a lot more car for the money”, according to the spokesman.

Meanwhile, Mercedes UK has reacted to the increasing number of customers who are travelling to mainland Europe for their cars by giving dealers more trading bonus.

The spokesman said the extra 'under the counter' cash was designed to ensure “there really has never been a better time to buy a Mercedes”.

The C-class is the best seller in the Mercedes range - just beating A-class on current figures - and the company hopes to sell around 18,000 next year, rising to 20,000 units a year after that.

The new range, with improved sporting looks and more 'driver involvement', goes on sale on September 21 and is designed to attract younger customers than traditional Mercedes buyers.

According to the spokesman, more than 3,000 orders have been taken but demand in mainland Europe could delay volume production of right-hand drive models and cause long waiting lists.

Residual value experts are already predicting around 45% after three years and 60,000 miles for the new range, better than the outgoing model.

The range will be launched with a C200K, supercharged petrol engine and C220D, turbodiesel. The entry level C180 arrives in November and a more powerful C270 diesel early next year. Trim levels will be Classic, Elegance and Avantgarde.

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