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Nissan Murano – on sale autumn



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Nissan has discovered the ingredients of what makes a car feel like a premium product.

The second-generation Murano arrives this autumn and is a far more polished effort than its predecessor.

The Murano first landed in 2005 with distinctive and non-aggressive styling, generous equipment, refinement and good road manners.

The latest version produces a good 20bhp more than the original, while torque is also slightly higher.

It feels livelier and the CVT automatic gearbox ensures the Murano pulls seamlessly when accelerating.

A four-cylinder diesel engine is being developed for use in the Murano, but don’t expect it much before 2010.

The Murano isn’t designed for off-road use, but its on-road behaviour feels more geared for comfort than handling.

Although there is some body roll when travelling briskly, it still feels pretty stable and has plenty of grip at safe speeds.

The four-wheel drive system engages automatically when sensors detect the front wheels slipping.

Nissan has given Murano’s cabin a sumptuous feel.

Soft leather trim is standard, seats are electrically adjustable as before, but the dashboard now looks like it belongs in a more expensive vehicle.

There are more soft-touch materials, and both the dashboard centre and the instruments have a more upmarket appearance.

The Murano has a large luggage area and the rear seat-backs can fold forward in one easy movement to extend the flat load floor.

2008 Nissan Murano


Price: £30,000 (estimated)
Engine: 3.5-litre V6 petrol: 265bhp
Transmission: CVT automatic
Efficiency: Tbc
Rivals: Lexus RX350, Volkswagen Touareg, Volvo XC70
Strengths: Upmarket feel, comfort, equipment
Weaknesses: More unwieldy than a BMW X5, no diesel – for now

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