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Second bite at crash tests pays off for Laguna II


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A re-think by Renault on the safety features of the Laguna II has paid off with the car receiving a maximum five star result from NCAP - making it the safest large family car for its passengers tested so far.

However, the pedestrian safety test rating was less impressive. The Laguna was awarded just two out of a maximum of four stars.

EU-backed NCAP said the car had come close to being awarded a five star front and side impact rating in an earlier test this year.

"This spurred Renault into wanting to improve the safety features in the car, so it was agreed that the car should be restested," NCAP said.

The result of the changes resulted in an "extremely stable" body which provides good protection for the occupants.

But NCAP noted "pedestrian protection unfortunately has not improved in the same manner as occupant protection. The front of the car is very stiff, but there are some points on the bonnet which provide protection."

The car tested was the 5-door hatchback.

The only other models to come close to achieving the Renaults' success are the Honda Accord 1.8i LS in 1999 and the Volvo S40 in 1997 which both achieved a 4:2 stars rating. No car in the 'large family' category has achieved more than two pedestrian safety stars

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