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As a relative newcomer to the UK – Hyundai has been sold here since 1982 when the Pony was imported – Hyundai has a low proportion of the UK car parc, at just 0.848%.

However, that’s respectable when you consider its new car market share only topped 1% 10 years ago.

There are 316,432 Hyundais currently registered in the UK, which ranks the company as the 20th most favoured make by UK consumers.

Just over a third (36.57%) are owned by women; 51.69% by males.

The genders owning the remaining cars are unknown.

Around 5% are company owned.

Forty per cent of Hyundais are less than four years old.

Five-door hatchbacks are the most popular bodytype, accounting for 34.24% of Hyundais, followed by three-door hatchbacks (20.50%), coupés (15.46%) and estates (13.61%).

Eight in 10 models are manual transmission.

The top location to see a Hyundai is Birmingham and the most popular model is the Hyundai Accent, making up 23.67% of the Hyundai market.

Most common ages of vehicles

Most popular models

Top ten locations

Analysis has been performed by GMAP using current market statistics from the anonymised DVLA Parc data.

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