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A Fabia with the latest in engine technology mixes old world
experience with new world technology.

On start up the 1.2 TDI CR 75hp engine clatters like a diesel of yesteryear, but memories of the racket dull quickly with the sweet realisation that it returns an incredible economy figure.

It returned 69mpg on a 314 mile roundtrip from Peterborough to Warrington and on a congested drive to Cambridge was still delivering 64mpg.

This is lower than the Skoda combined figure of 83.1mpg, but offers a target to work towards.

The low CO2 emissions of 89g/km and a stop-start system claimed to save up to 4.2mpg combined adds to the appeal.

Get a punter on a test drive and they’ll notice the engine quietening down significantly as it warms up.

The ‘small’ engine is entertainingly gutsy with its five-speed box on motorways and urban roads without any signs of struggling thanks to its turbocharging. 


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