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Skoda Fabia to cost from £7,599



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Skoda UK has confirmed prices for Fabia supermini, with petrol-engined models starting at £7,599 for the 1.0 Classic, diesels start at £8,699 for the SDi Classic. The TDi Comfort has risen by £600 - a £1,800 premium over the 1.4. The 1.9 TDi Elegance is £12,399.Felicia has been slashed by £800 and the range cut back from 14 models to five.

Audi has cut the cost of quattro 4x4 on the A6 from £1,400 to £800 until the end of March. Only four models are affected - the 1.8T quattro, now £24,550, and the 2.4 V6 (£27,850) plus the equivalent Avant derivatives.

The revised Mercedes-Benz SLK has an entry-price more than £5,000 below that of the original 2.3 auto. A new 2-litre Kompressor derivative comes in at £26,390 and there is also a new 3.2V6 for £33,640.

Seat is offering three short-term deals to customers buying before the end of March. Alhambra buyers qualify for a £1,000 cashback, three years free servicing is on offer with the Toledo and low-rate finance is available on Arosa.

Nissan's latest special edition, the Celebration, is offered on the Micra in three versions - from 1.0 3dr at £7,700 to 1.3 5dr at £9,400. A year's free insurance is included, and is extended to two years if the car is purchased on Nissan finance.

Honda's new supermini, the Logo, goes on sale in April with one model variant, priced £9,495. The 3dr hatchback has high levels of standard equipment; CVT transmission will be a £900 option. The HR-V range now has a 5dr at £15,205 and higher performance VTEC versions - £14,695 for the 3dr, £15,705 for the 5dr. The Insight hybrid model will be available from May 1 for £17,000.

Suzuki has launched a convertible version of the Jimny for £9,995 - the same price as the existing Hard Top.

Volvo has added Xi derivatives to the S40 and V40 range, limited to 500. Prices range from £17,705 on the 2.0, a rise of £1,000, to £21,615 on the V40 T40, unchanged from the base T4 price. Volvo values the options at up to £2,170.

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