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Vauxhall sports car enters showrooms



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Deliveries have begun of the new Vauxhall sports car the VX220 to 50 selected franchised dealers.

As the cars make their way across the country the manufacturer has revealed the car will come with a three-year warranty (one year manufacturer, second and third year no-fee option warranty up to 60,000 miles). The package includes Vauxhall Assistance for 12 months from registration and, subject to the car being serviced at a Vauxhall dealer, further roadside breakdown cover in years two and three. In the case of the a breakdown, a free loan car will also be offered if repairs take more than 24 hours.

##VX220--left## The insurance rating for the VX220 (left) has also been announced as Group 16A T1. This compares with a Group 20 classification for the Honda S2000 and a Group 17 rating for the entry level Lotus Elise.

A Vauxhall spokesman said: “The Association of British Insurers was able to confirm the group because of the VX220's combination of class-leading security and economical repair costs. A Thatcham-approved alarm and electronic immobiliser are standard.”

The VX220 dealer list (retailer name and area): Belmont (Aberdeen), CD Bramall Wolverhampton (Black Country), Arriva Bristol (Bristol), Rystar Aston (Central Birmingham), Murketts of Cambridge (Cambridge), Ian Grieve (Central), FG Barnes & Sons Ltd (Central Kent), CD Bramall Middlesborough (Cleveland), Savilles (County Antrim), Pentagon Derby (Derby/Notts), Mann Egerton Exeter (Devon), Trident Bournemouth (Dorset), FG Barnes & Sons Ltd (Downs/N.Surrey), Martin Rumble (East Midlands), Dixon Hull West (East Riding), Belmont (Edinburgh), Arnold Clark (Glasgow), Baylis of Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire), Grimshaws (Greater Manchester), Picador (Hampshire), Ogglesbys (Hertfordshire), Autovision (Highland), Moorlands Blackpool (Lancashire), Archie Moss (Leicestershire), Charles Warner (Lincolnshire), Lookers Chester (Merseyside), Crownhill (North Bucks), Underwoods of Colchester (North Essex), Browns of Loughton (North London), Forest Gate Corby (North Northants), Nidd Vale (North Yorkshire), Bristol Street Newcastle (Newcastle), Warwick Shubrook (Norfolk), W. Grose (Northants), West End (NW London), Greenhous-Newcastle (Potteries), CD Bramall (South Devon), J Toomey Motors Ltd (South Essex), FRF Motors (South Wales), Hartwell Sheffield (South Yorkshire), Citygate/HR Owen, (South East London), Westerns (South East London), Eastbourne Motoring Company (Sussex), Lance Owen (South West London), Tayside (MacLeods of Perth Ltd (Tayside), Gurneys of Newbury (West Berkshire), Monorep (West London), AMG (West Norfolk), JCT 600 (West Yorkshire.

Driven: Vauxhall Astra GTC 2.0 CDTi SRi

Two door handles and a roof aerial are the only bodywork items the GTC has in common with other Vauxhall Astras.

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