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Volkswagen Golf Plus BlueMotion SE 1.6 TDI



Golf Plus (2010)
BlueMotion SE 1.6 TDI
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The Golf Plus offering is the trusty Golf as you know – but this one comes with a little more room, some handy flexible seating options and offers better value for money than the previous model.

It is aimed at those without families, and small families who need a bit more room and flexibility than the traditional hatchback can offer. The Golf Plus is available in two petrol and three diesel versions (1.4, 1.6 and 2.0), with a variety of transmission options, including the seven-speed DSG gearbox and comes in two trim levels; S and SE.


Prices of the Golf Plus start at £20,575 OTR and comes with AC, CD player, multi-function computer, electric windows and 15” steel wheels as standard, along with an array of safety features including ABS, ESP, six airbags and whiplash-optimised head restraints, giving this model an overall 5-star EuroNCAP safety rating.

The SE trim comes with the latest generation of ‘Park Assist’, a helpful visual and audio warning system which assesses how close you are to other cars both at the front, side and rear of the car.

In addition the Golf Plus only requires a parking space of 1.1m larger than the car itself - a reduction of 20% using sensor technology to guide the car automatically into the parking space, with the driver controlling only the accelerator and brake. This takes a bit of getting used to, but might prove an invaluable time and stress-saver around town.

The Golf Plus SE also benefits from cruise control, front armrest, leather steering wheel and 16” alloys. The stylish, minimalist interior adds to the overall appeal.

As you’d expect, it’s a good looking, well-built car and also offers a comfortable high-seating position and great all-round visibility. The Park Assist and high safety specification offers you peace of mind and a car that can help make life a bit easier whilst coming with some solid ‘green’ credentials.

The dashboard also shows how much fuel you have in terms of miles, which proves much more useful than the standard tank measurement and helps keep an eye on mileage. It also doesn’t feel quick as ‘clunky’ as some diesel cars.

The BlueMotion increased efficiency means you can drive this nifty car around, happy in the knowledge that this roomy car emits just 114g/km (which also means you’ll only have to pay £35 VED), and comes with a combined 65.7mpg. That’s an 11% improvement in economy and a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions.

The sub 120g/km rating means that as a fleet car this model can save drivers up to £1,000 benefit-in-kind tax over a 3 year period and if you average 8,000 miles a year (typical of more than half Golf Plus customers), you’d only need to fill up once every five weeks.

The projected sales figure for the Golf Plus is 3,500 for 2010 with 30% expected to be fleet sales. Volkswagen is currently offering £750 off until 31st March 2010 and scrappage scheme offers are available on selected models.

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