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Keytracker Ltd

Automotive Key Management

For over 20 years, Keytracker has been the leading provider of mechanical key management systems offering a comprehensive range of car key solutions designed specifically for the automotive sector. Whether you have keys for vehicles, machinery, tools or equipment, Keytracker will provide you with the best key and asset management solution for your business.
One of the unspoken problems for businesses that manage large volume of vehicles is keeping control of all the keys. Some dealerships have in excess of 2,000 vehicles in stock at any one time, this makes managing thousands of keys challenging.

Our solutions include:

Keytracker Mechanical System

Keytracker Mechanical System provides an easy and organised approach to key and asset management, this involves a simple 'peg-in, peg-out' solution that issues authorised users with personal access pegs that they leave in place of keys they have taken.
- The access pegs can be engraved with the users initials or color coded to reflect different departments within the business, this is a solution that allows users to identify who has taken which set of keys at a glance.
- Mirror hangers or magnetic blocks to be attached to the vehicle that will match the number on the retention peg keys for the vehicle, providing a simple visual solution to work in conjunction with the mechanical system.
- Key control software combined with the mechanical system adds an extra layer of security, whilst also providing a manually inputted audit trail.

This is an ideal and simple solution for car dealerships, body shops and accident repair centres.

Keytracker Electronic System

Keytracker Electronic Key Cabinets provide an easy and effective way to secure all keys with full audit trail. Combined with the intelligent key management software, every key that is removed from the secure cabinet will be recorded.

- The Keytracker secure system uses built-in intelligence to give administrators complete control over individual access to keys, providing a safeguard against opportunist theft.

- The Keytracker Electronic Plus system provides a way to secure and monitor all keys without restricting users access, once the cabinet has opened all keys will be available for quick and easy removal or return.


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