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Sales Managers

  • Job added:   10 March 2005
  • Location :   Nationwide
  • Job Type :   Permanent
  • Company :   John Gibson Associates
  • Telephone :   0845 644 3003
  • Website :  
Sales managers

North West – Contact Mike Francis. Used Car SM. BMW & Buying experience essential. OTE c.£50K
South Manchester – Contact Mike Francis. Low volume prestige. OTE £40K
Cheshire – Contact Mike Francis. Sales Controller. Volume/niche/premium. OTE £40K
South Lancashire – Contact Bert Clegg. Sales Controller, Used Car Specialist, 10 Sales Executives, 80cars/week and increasing. £35K+ uncapped & growing
Lancashire – Contact Bert Clegg. New Car SM, 1200 units pa. £40K
West Lancashire – Contact Bert Clegg. Controller/SM, New & Used niche franchise, 450 units. £30K+
West Yorks – Contact Bert Clegg. SM, New & Used. £35K+
West Yorks – Contact Bert Clegg. GSM. £40K
West Yorks – Contact Bert Clegg. GSM. Prestige. £50K+
Yorks – Contact Chris Millington. GSM. Honda franchise, ability to BUY, sales process in place. Major Plc. £50K
Yorks/Derbys – Contact Chris Millington. Fleet Sales Manager. Family business needs an achiever with both car & LCV experience. Up to £50K
Berkshire – Contact Alasdair Pearson. Prestige franchise. OTE £45K.
M4/West London – Contact Alasdair Pearson. Semi-volume franchise. Bias towards Used Cars. OTE £45K
North London – Contact Steve Lavis. Used Car Manager. Top group/brand. OTE £48K + Benefits
Black Country – Contact Duncan James. Fleet Sales Manager. Top five Plc. Volume franchise. OTE £35K-£50K
West Midlands – Contact Duncan James. Fleet Sales (Taxis). Maximise vehicle sales to work with customer keeping them aware of changes. OTE £35K
Hampshire – Contact Clive Willis. Experienced Manager for duel franchised private business. OTE £45K
Sussex – Contact Clive Willis. Experienced, target driven manager for duel franchised business. OTE £45K
Surrey – Contact Clive Willis. GSM. Major volume franchise solus site. OTE £60K
Teesside- Contact Michelle Hirst. Used Car SM. Volume site. OTE £Generous
Croydon – Contact Fred Stevens. GSM. Prestige franchise, excellent position. OTE £45-50K
Portsmouth – Contact Fred Stevens. Used Car Manager. Volume franchise, selling 1300 vehicles pa. OTE £55K
Thanet – Contact Fred Stevens. New Car Sales Manager. Volume franchise. OTE £35K
Croydon – Contact Fred Stevens. Prestige franchise, excellent opportunity. OTE £45K
Croydon – Contact Fred Stevens. Corporate Sales Specialist. Quality franchise. OTE £40K
South Wales – Contact Rob Stanley. Privately owned prestige brand. OTE £48K
Worcs – Contact Rob Stanley. Fleet Sales for multi-franchise group. OTE £35-40K
Leicestershire/Northants – Contact Tommy Porter. Volume franchised Dealer group. OTE £35K

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