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AM Power List 2005

The faces change, but there will always be the top 100. In this, the fourth annual AM Power List, we chart in descending order the people and organisations who, we believe, are most likely to affect the UK automotive climate – most positively, but some adversely.

For reasons of space, the biographies are less comprehensive than we’d like. But hopefully, the information will offer an insight into who’s who, and where they fit into the commercial picture.

Each name is given a listings number, together with their position last year. We’ve concluded with a quick look at who’s out. We look forward to your comments.

01 (2004: 4) Gordon Brown

The Chancellor of the Exchequer could become the next Prime Minister when Tony Blair steps aside (assuming Labour wins the next General Election, on May 5).

Brown ultimately influences every part of the motor industry through his policies on taxation, finance and spending, which dictate the strength of the economy and consumer confidence.

He’s overseen eight highly successful years, although the manufacturing sector has faced growing pressures from the strength of the pound and so-called stealth taxes on National Insurance and Stamp Duty. So far, Brown has confounded critics who claim he’s been too optimistic on revenue income, which could leave a gap in finances.

Most recently, in his March Budget, Brown pledged £65m on new centres for vocational qualifications and employee training to boost skills and learning, plus a £2,000 return to work bonus as well as a target of 300,000 people in apprenticeship schemes by 2008 – all will benefit the motor industry.

02 (2004:1) Trevor Finn, chief executive, Pendragon plc

Heads the UK’s and Europe’s largest retail group, with more than 250 franchised dealerships in the UK, Germany and the USA. Finn is in talks with Hyundai/Kia to extend his influence to emerging brands. Took on Cadillac/Corvette importership last year and is favourite to take on Hummer concession this year. Now he wants the US outlets to equal the UK number – Pendragon currently has seven sites in America; 244 franchised dealerships in Britain – so expect massive expansion.

Intends to make bolt-on UK acquisitions. Has particular influence with Jaguar, 30 sites (almost 30% of the UK network), Land Rover (19 sites with 15%), and Ford (53 sites, just under 10%).

03 (New) Lewis Booth, Ford of Europe chairman and chief executive

Charged with turning the loss making Ford of Europe into profit by overseeing the revitalisation plan (through cost cutting, greater components sharing and raising sales.

Booth is leading Ford’s drive into next generation fuels – but only through delivering low CO2 at an affordable cost to consumers, rather than “expensive new technologies that deliver marginal benefits”.

Ford of Europe is researching the hydrogen powered internal combustion engine and already has a prototype on the road, the C-Max H2-ICE, which Booth reckons is a “major stepping stone” to the hydrogen fuel cell. But he also favours bio-ethanol fuels, as used by 80% of Focus models sold in Sweden.

04 (2004:5) Fred Maguire, Lookers chairman

Chairs Retail Motor Strategy group set-up to monitor industry developments and maximise the benefits of UK change and innovation.

Also boss of £1bn-turnover Lookers which last year acquired the FPS car parts distributor and the Bristol Trade Centre car supermarket – Maguire intends to grow both. Passionate about training and developing an accident repair centre academy which started taking on apprentices last year.

Maguire also helped develop the Level 3 NVQ Modern Apprenticeship in Vehicle Selling. He says Lookers does not suffer from a skills shortage nor a lack of new entrants. His training programmes ensure the retail group grows and develops its own staff.

05 (2004:28) Alistair Darling, Secretary of State for Transport

Congestion charging, car tax and road tolls have put transport policy firmly on the agenda. Should he survive the General Electrion and continue at his Transport post, Darling has promised a radical look at car sharing and alternative transport, and is an advocate of alternative fuels.

He is considering carpool lanes on congested motorways such as the M1 and M25 in a bid to encourage people to share cars.

He also has plans to replace the existing road tax system with a variable charging scheme which could increase driver and business costs. Road building purse strings have been loosened which should help ease congestion. That said, on-going underinvestment in transport infrastructures is still a major bone of contention.

06 (2004:3) Sir Peter Vardy, Reg Vardy

Now with 96 sites, and looking for 160 by the end of the decade. Vardy is highly influential in the North-east, in particular with sponsorship of the Learning Academy.

He has a stronghold in Scotland, where more acquisitions are likely. Highly respected by his peers, though not the easiest retail boss to work alongside, and has recently issued a subdued trading statement – which is surprising considering the strength of the group’s used car and aftermarket businesses.

07 (2004:21) Roger Putnam, Ford of Britain chairman

Responsible for 40,000 Ford staff in the UK, and represents those employees and the company to Government and trade bodies. Less operational duties now, but still highly influential as an elder representative of the motor industry.

Last year, Putnam pledged a £169m investment in the Dagenham plant. Member of the Retail Motor Strategy board and chairman of AM/Courland Rising Stars (the search for the next generation of industry leaders).

08 (New) Eamon Bradley, Jardine Motors chairman, NFDA chairman

Hugely influential and respected, but prefers to stay out of the limelight. A “turnaround specialist”, this former Mars and Hotpoint executive has extensive knowledge of strategies/theories on management techniques and business operation.

Last year he sold the group’s 51% stake in the Polar joint venture to Ford, providing a cash injection for further acquisition.

09 (New) Bill Parfitt, Vauxhall head of sales, marketing and aftersales, UK and Ireland

The most powerful man at Vauxhall following Kevin Wale’s move to China. Is he set for the top job? The director for GM Europe’s fleet operations, Parfitt is a former Henlys and Lex dealership executive and has extensive retail network knowledge. Oversees Chevrolet and Saab (MDs Andy Carroll and Jonathan Nash are direct reports).

10 (2004:10) The consumer

High customer expectations have forced all businesses to raise their standards. Their voices are being heard not only through the Consumers’ Association and TV programmes like Watchdog (both represented in the Power List), but also by passionate members of the public, like Sian Berry, who kick-started the anti-4x4 lobby (see No 61).

Consumers are also driving internet car sales, forcing retailers to produce quality websites and link up with internet businesses like Auto Trader and eBay.

11 (2004:13) Matthew Carrington, RMI

Carrington has been busy juggling various interests from franchised dealers to independent garages and bodyshops – each with their own agenda.

The RMI is AM’s partner in autoretailing 05 which hopes to raise the general public’s perception of the automotive industry and boost skills and learning for dealers. Carrington failed to get CarWise through the Office of Fair Trading’s Code of Practice audit process, but is keen to get involved in accreditation (a slight U-turn) with the IMI – perhaps sensing the Government’s changing mood on mandatory licensing.

12 (2004:34) Mark Fields, PAG senior vice-president

Ford is depending on the The Premier Automotive Group (Jaguar, Aston Martin, Volvo and Land Rover) to contribute a third of its pre-tax profits in 2006 and turn a £395m loss into pre-tax profit of £160-320m this year.

PAG boss Fields believes manufacturing in Western Europe is at risk unless competitiveness improves.

13 (2004:8) Paul Thomas, Ford of Britain managing director

Following a continuing sales slide last year, Ford is pinning its hopes on its new Focus and Fiesta ST. Thomas oversees the commercial vehicle division and heads a company that owns an AM 100 Top 10 dealer group, Ford Retail, with more than 90 UK sites and a handful in mainland Europe.

14 (2004:16) Arnold Clark, Arnold Clark chairman

This car retailer dominates the Scottish scene. No other group comes close for new and used car sales volumes, and each is swamped by Arnold Clark’s 120 outlets.

With £42m of cash for further acquisitions. Clark still controls group strategy, although day-to-day operations comes under the watch of MD Eddie Hawthorne.

15 (2004:70) Jim O’Donnell, BMW GB managing director

O’Donnell has overseen another record year for BMW and Mini and is chairman of the SMMT executive committee; a board member of Automotive Skills, Audit & Remuneration Committee; on the CBI President’s Committee; and a member of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership. He is also a member of the DTI’s Retail Motor Strategy group.

16 (2004:14) Mervyn King, Bank of England governor and chairman of Monetary Policy Committee

Sets interest rates which holds key to strength of economy (successive rises over past 18 months resulted in second-half slowdown in new car sales last year). Rates are expected to stay the same for next few months before a small reduction later in the year to aid stability.

17 (2004:25) Laurence Vaughan, Sytner and United Auto Group

Heads £1bn-turnover Sytner group and is on the board of United Auto Group, the second largest retail business in America. Vaughan is also on the board of Demon Tweeks Direct, which, following a management buyout, supplies motorsport and performance tuning parts to markets around the world.

18 (New) Paolo Cesarini, head of motor transport, EC Competition Directorate

Cesarini pays close interest to the development of multi-brand dealerships and repair services – in particular to franchise standards and the operation of different renumeration structures that act as a loyalty mechanism. Also under EC review are selection criteria for authorised repairers.

19 (2004:43) Carlos Ghosn, Nissan chairman/CEO

Incoming Renault chairman, who retains control over Nissan, ‘Turnaround’ Ghosn was a revolution at Nissan where he turned the group from loss to £1bn profit. He refuses to make cars which don’t return a profit, and will also make the final decision on future investment at the highly efficient Sunderland plant... which builds Primera.

20 (2004:9) John Vickers, chairman OFT

Vickers is the man responsible for policing and enforcing block exemption rules. He has censured Peugeot over ‘Blue Box’ showroom design, prompting the company to issue a statement claiming the concept was a recommendation, not a mandatory requirement.

He has also investigated Citroen over showroom display space, but found the company not guilty of making unreasonable demands. Last year, following an investigation into dealer servicing restrictions, he launched a campaign to get consumers to check their warranty terms.

21 (2004:15) Sarah Sillars, IMI

Took charge of the Institute three years ago. New projects include the Continuous Professional Development and pre-apprenticeship award. Sillars is a firm believer in technician accreditation.

22 (2004:20) Chris Macgowan, SMMT

Macgowan heads the carmakers’ association which canvasses the views of the motor industry, and takes them to the heart of the Government and to Europe.

23 (New) David Varney, Customs & Excise chairman

Heads a group that’s clamping down on money laundering and tax evasion. Presided over a multi-million pound payout to dealers after a VAT cock-up on demonstrator cars, which fuelled much expansion and acquisition activity over the past 18 months.

24 (New) Carolyn Howes – policy adviser, Inland Revenue

Responsible for exploring changes in the company tax ethos. Work has included changes to taxation of fleet vans and review of impact of carbon dioxide-based company car tax, impacting on fleet sales and growth in cash for cars schemes.

25 (New) New Inchcape chief executive

Following Peter Johnson’s impending appointment as chairman after Sir John Egan retires in May 2006, the incoming Inchcape chief executive will control a £4bn turnover group with global growth aspirations and outstanding City performance.

26 (2004:19) Patricia Richards, Automotive Skills

Introduced the Automotive Retail Management Skills (ARMS) programme designed to raise skills levels with Government targets to attract top quality staff.

27 (New) PricewaterhouseCoopers

The accountancy firm is in the thick of MG Rover administration. The future of the carmaker and thousands of jobs directly and indirectly connected to Longbridge is in PwC’s hands, whether SAIC chooses to cherry-pick bits of Longbridge or not.

28 (2004:23) Paul Dunkley, Camden Motors chief executive

Heads billion-pound turnover group with huge fleet business, three Car Shop used car sites and auctions operation. Planning massive car superstores.

29 (New) Douglas Robertson, SMTA

Leads the Scottish Motor Trade Association, which has good penetration and respect with franchised retailers and growing presence with independents. Increasingly pro-active with new schemes to help members cut costs and make money. Also introduced school-based pre-apprentice scheme.

30 (New) Ewan Ramsay, DCUK Retail managing director

Oversees DaimlerChrysler’s wholly owned London, Manchester and Birmingham territories. Huge investment and commitment by DCUK, which includes Direct used car sites and the Brooklands Brand Heritage centre due to open late 2005/early 2006.

31 (New) Katsuaki Watanabe, incoming Toyota president

Watanabe could replace Fujio Cho as Toyota president in June and will continue to push the company towards world No 1 status after Toyota passed Ford last year in global sales to sit just behind General Motors. Currently focusing on hybrid technology.

32 (2004:24) Robin Woolcock, head of VW Group UK

Oversees policy decisions affecting Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat and Bentley in the UK, with mor than 600 dealers and a 12.7% market share.

33 (New) Chris Hayden, Ford Retail Europe director

Heads Ford’s wholly-owned dealer group, with 99 sites across Europe, 93 of which are in the UK. Plans to create consistent network standards.

34 (New) Tony Leigh, ACFO chairman

Heads leading fleet association and represents the views of a large proportion of fleet decision-makers who are responsible for almost half the UK’s annual new car market.

35 (2004:38) Tom Dunn

Aftermarket’s ‘Mr Fixit’. Turned round failing Lex Autocentres and signed a deal to repair AA members cars. Now has 227 sites, the third largest service/repair network in the country.

36 (New) Under-Secretary of State for Transport (Roads Minister)

Roads Minister David Jamieson stands down at the next Parliament, but his replacement will have immense power over the car market, pushing the EU for a reduction in diesel particles and commitmen to ensuring 10% of new cars are low carbon by 2012.

37 (2004:26) Phil Stones, Black Horse managing director

Forceful views on dealers wasting finance business by excessively marking up rates. Determined not to lose more business to high street lenders.

38 (2004:84) Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear

The TV presenter who most influences consumers’ purchasing decisions while annoying carmakers with his flippant remarks. Responsible for a whole new breed of TV car journalists whose focus is as much on general entertainment as on cars, Clarkson is firmly back in the spotlight with BBC Top Gear.

39 (New) Tom Madden, BCA director and ICFM chairman

At ICFM, Madden is campaigning for recognition of fleet managers’ importance within companies and for training and fleet professionalism.

40 (New) Ken Keir, Honda UK MD and senior vice-president of Honda Motor Europe

Keir’s European role gives added influence over the second biggest selling Japanese carmaker in the UK. Keir also oversees the Swindon plant.

41 (2004:35) John Bailey, Manheim

Heads UK’s second biggest auction group and is bringing lots of new technology to the UK from American parent company, Simulcast.

42 (2004:44) Nigel Stead managing director, Lloyds Autolease

Lloyds TSB Autolease’s vast buying power still has huge influence with carmakers. Stead is a man the manufacturers listen to.

43 (2004:63) Mark Norman, CAP Monitor editor

CAP’s new vehicle data, and risk management solutions, Norman’s babies, have won big contracts with Honda, Dixon Motors and TCH Business Link.

44 (2004:73) Paul Jarvis, Glass’s publisher

A merger in 2000 with Eurotax formed EurotaxGlass’s, now claiming leadership in the supply of automotive business intelligence across 28 countries. Glass’s is now locked in a battle with CAP for control of the lucrative used car valuations market.

45 (New) Jon Olsen, BCA UK chief executive officer

Heads one of the most influential businesses in remarketing. More than simply an auctions company, BCA offers a wide range of services, including Smart repairs, logistics, condition assessment and customer support.

46 (2004:50) Brian Spratt, ADF

The ADF boss continue to lobby Brussels over the Europe-wide liberalisation of the supply of independent aftermarket parts and technical information.

47 (New) Lynne Featherstone, London Assembly

Lib-Dem chair of the London Assembly’s transport committee. Note her words: “Four-by-four vehicles in city centres are a danger to pedestrians, a potential hazard to other road users and cause extra damage.”

48 (2004:12) Max Moseley, Euro NCAP chairman

NCAP five-star ratings are now the accepted norm – all carmakers take close note when designing their cars. Pedestrian safety and head restraints latest on the agenda – with potentially wide design implications.

49 (2004:71) Graham Smith, Toyota GB managing director

Smith also heads the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership. Both Toyota and Lexus are gaining market share each year.

51 (New) Colin Parlett, RMI president

Boss of the independent garage CB Motors in London, Parlett is focused on technical information issues for smaller automotive retailers.

52 (New) Ian Fraser, Kwik-Fit boss

Former Orange UK CEO appointed boss of UK’s biggest repair network with 2,300 outlets across Europe. Owned by venture capitalist CVC but facing speculation that the company is up for sale (now priced £700m-£1bn after CVC acquisition from Ford).

53 (New) Rod Eddington

Ex-British Airways boss brought in to advise the Government on Britain’s road transport system. Announcing the appointment in his March Budget, Gordon Brown said Eddington would work to “examine Britain’s long-term needs and priorities”.

54 (New) Jerry Fowden, Trader Media Group chief executive

Recently appointed boss of Auto Trader business and board member of parent Guardian Media Group. Now targeting new cars as well as used, via a raft of innovative internet and paper products.

55 (New) Alan Begg, Automotive Academy chief executive

Holds purse strings to DTI grant of £12m over five years (2004-2009) and has set up three regional spokes (Skills4Auto in Midlands, North-east and North-west). Wales, South-east and South-west are due this year.

56 (2004:69) Philippe Talou-Derible, Renault UK MD

Surely, this will be a better year for Renault in the UK after the the Premier Centre concept was shelved? High hopes for Modus.

57 (New) Phillip Maskell, RAA chairman and Essex Ford Group MD

Heads new joint venture, Retail Automotive Alliance, a 20-strong group of retailers with a combined £2.1bn turnover. Seeks increased buying power and greater protection against national groups from revised BE.

58 (New) Clare Gilmartin, head of eBay Motors UK

Controls the internet auction site that’s revolutionising the car market, especially for older models. Claims to sell a car every four seconds and has enabled retailers to sell parts online at minimum cost.

59 (New) Richard Gaskin, GE Capital Woodchester

Gaskin is outspoken on dealers’ need to focus on customers in order to regain point of sale finance business.

60 (New) Jacqui Smith MP, Trade and Industry minister of state

Also deputy minister for women and equality, Jacqui Smith has strong views about the motor industry and could ignite the licensing debate. She questions voluntary regulation and monitors public perception.

61 (2004:61) Tom Booth, Dixon Motors managing director

Owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland, the northern dealer group remains one of the largest motor retailers in the UK with 60 sites. With a written customer commitment already in place, top service is a priority.

62 (New) Sian Berry, Alliance Against Urban 4x4s organizer

As the head of a very well organised and high-profile campaign responsible for leafleting and barracking owners of 4x4 vehicles, Berry is out to force “Chelsea tractors” off the streets. Watch out!

63 (New) J Mays, Ford Motor Company vice-president of design

Responsible for steering the design direction of Ford, Mazda, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin, J Mays is arguably the most powerful car designer in the world. Think Ford GT40, Ford Explorer and Audi TT.

64 (New) Maurice Rourke, Dutton Forshaw managing director

Looking for significant expansion over next 18 months – from 30 sites to 50 – and has financial backing from parent Lloyds TSB. Helps Lloyds improve residuals on its fleet and ex-lease cars through careful remarketing.

65 (2004:45) Prof. Jim Saker, Loughborough University

Co-director of the university’s Centre for Automotive Management and the Car Dealership of the Future Project. Training guru.

66 (New) Ray Sommerville, Perrys managing director

Large representation with Vauxhall and Peugeot gives Sommerville negotiating muscle. Advocate of quality training and service.

67 (New) Maurice Howkins, Vauxhall fleet sales director

At the helm of Britain’s biggest fleet sales operation, with 223,058 Vauxhall cars, 36,317 vans and 9,320 Saabs sold to fleets last year. Howkins’ decisions prompt major changes in the market and impact on residual values.

68 (New) Bill Bosley, Nissan GB chief executive

Positive response from retailers, as American Bosley brings his partnership approach to the UK. He will oversee the launch of Infiniti in 2008.

69 (2004:49) Mike Betts, Motability chief executive

Heads Europe’s biggest fleet (400k) cars. Motability runs its own disposal operation, with significant knock-on effect.

70 (2004:74) Kerry Finnon, Greenhouse joint chief executive

Along with Derek Passant, Finnon led MBO dealer group. He remains head of its remarketing arm GRS, helping control residual values for a growing list of manufacturers including Vauxhall and Ford.

71 (New)Christian Gerard, Peugeot UK chief executive

The 1007 is making all the headlines, but the 107, due in the July, could prove even more significant for Peugeot in the UK this year. However, the fate of its Ryton plant remains uncertain after 206 production ceases.

72 (New) Rob Whalley, Experian

Launched Mosiac late last year which provides retailers with detailed profiles of all 35m private, company and commercial vehicles.

73 (New) Nigel Ruddock, Grant Thornton partner

Heads consultancy business that takes control of selling or closing of motor companies that have gone into administration.

74 (New) Karl Schlicht, vice-president Lexus and head of corporate planning, TMME

Schlicht has a long history with Toyota and Lexus, initially in his native Canada, then as director of highly successful Lexus GB before taking his present European role.

75 (New) Brian Smith, Continental

This senior statesman of the tyre industry has headed Continental for 11 years. Sales are growing at 15% a year with 25% of new European car market.

76 (2004:93) Janet Entwistle, BT head of fleet

Former Business Woman of the Year finalist, Entwistle heads one of the most high profile fleets in the country, (more than 50,000 units), advocates best practice and lobbies carmaker suppliers and Government.

77 (2004:60) John Lewis, director general BVRLA

After resigning from the European Car And Truck Rental Association last year, the BVRLA has turned its attention to Ken Livingstone’s hike in the London Congestion Charge, arguing that rental vehicles should be exempt.

78 (New) What Car? Magazine

With persistent stories portraying the motor industry in a negative light – mystery shopping of repairers; articles on alleged warranty rip-offs – What Car? is enjoying extensive column inches in the national media and is stirring up the industry.

79 (2004:47)Michael Wilmshurst, Nationwide Accident Repair Services managing director

Head of the UK’s largest bodyshop network with 61 sites, Wilmshurst recently created a two-tier industry with Dedicated Repair Centres exclusive to R&SA business.

80 (2004:29) Prof. Garel Rhys, Cardiff Business School

Director of the Centre for Automotive Industry Research and IMI president, Garel Rhys is an outspoken automotive analyst.

81 (2004:92) Alain Favey, Citroen UK managing director

Favey’s leadership has inspired innovative advertising campaigns and brand-building exercises aimed at improving Citroen’s position. His intention is to halt the alarming 2004 sales slide.

82 (2004:55) Sue Brownson, OBE, Blue Bell MD

Longest-serving female BMW dealer and one of the first chiefs to address training needs through Automotive Skills. Ex-National Franchise Dealers Association president and member of the DTI’s Small Business Council.

83 (New) John Smith, ExxonMobil

Smith is the PVL manager of national accounts for Britain’s biggest oil company – which is extending vehicle service schedules through new lubricants technology and, therefore, reducing dealers’ opportunities for servicing income.

84 (New) Martin Bohling, Courland Automotive Practice

Headhunts at senior management level and seeks to help the industry find the best talent and contribute to its long-term success by improving skills through executive search, HR and people-related consultancy services.

85 (2004:66) Phil Evans, Consumers’ Association

It’s been a quiet 12 months for Consumers’ Association boss Evans with the CA’s own Which? magazine taking over much of the dealer-bashing duties. Expect the CA to be more vocal in its own right this year.

86 (New) John Whiteman, International Car Distribution Programme

Whiteman believes the full effects of block exemption are yet to be felt, but is predicting further wide-scale consolidation of dealer groups along with increased pressure on margins. Involved in research for carmakers.

87 (New) Paul Williams, Kia Motors UK

Energetic KMUK MD is overseeing strong sales increases, innovative marketing and new product launches that have enabled Kia to keep the title of fastest growing UK carmaker for the third year. The brand is on target to achieve 5% market share by 2010.

88 (New) Ben Rimmington, DTI Automotive Unit director

A board member of the Automotive Academy, Rimmington replaced Sarah Chambers as head of the DTI’s unit which works with motor manufacturers and retailers to promote best industry practice.

89 (2004:58) Kevin McNally, MD Leaseplan

The leasing giant, which operates more than 120,000 vehicles in the UK, was bought by VW Group in July 2004. With the extra clout of the German giant behind it, and led by the energtic McNally, it will be looking for further expansion this year.

90 (2004:85) Professor Peter Cooke

Director of the Centre for Automotive Industries Management at Nottingham Trent University, Cooke is focused on research and consultancies across the industry from vehjcle components and manufacturing to automotive retail and finance.

91 (New) Bibiano Boerio, Jaguar Cars managing director

Hurt by poor Jaguar sales in the US, Boerio, with barely six months in the MD’s seat, has faced the tough decision to close its Coventry plant and re-calculate production volume in line with realistic sales targets.

92 (New) Tony Bramall, Bramall & Jones

Back in the industry after selling his retail group to Pendragon last year. Now with three Audi sites (turning over close to £100m), and in partnership with Peter Jones, Bramall is one of UK’s most respected automotive retail executives.

93 (2004:80) Ken Livingstone, London Mayor

Congestion charge pioneer and vociferous anti-4x4 campaigner. Could impact SUV sales if proposals to raise congestion fees for these vehicles goes ahead. Livingstone is also looking to widen the congestion zone.

94 (2004:39) Nicky Campbell, Watchdog

Had Virgin Cars/Motor Solutions, Yes Car Credit and general service standards in his sights last year. Campaigns are soon forgotten by the general public, but the general negativity has a lasting impact on staff recruitment within the industry.

95 (New) Luke Treves, DTI Automotive Innovation and Growth Team implementation manager

Oversees the DTI’s AIGT, which includes the Automotive Academy, supply chain groups programme and Foresight Vehicle programme (focusing on future technologies).

96 (New) Stephen Tetlow, chief exec for VOSA

Tetlow will be under pressure this year to ensure that the long awaited MoT computerisation system, which has suffered several delays, is implemented smoothly and effectively across vehicle test stations.

97 (New) David Cresswell – AutoBody Professionals Club

Founded in October 2004, ABP Club now has a membership of 158 executives from 73 businesses, including bodyshops and insurers. ABP Club aims to tackle body repair issues at board level and isn’t afraid of a fight.

98 (New) Tim Richmond, Arden Partners

Automotive sector analyst at Birmingham-based stockbroker Arden Partners. The firm offers extensive corporate finance advice to small and mid-cap companies. It also has significant underwriting capacity.

99 (New) Greg Connell, Epyx

Within the last three years, Epyx/1link has become the e-commerce standard for service and maintenance for more than 10,000 franchise dealers, independents and fast fits, covering 15 of the top 20 manufacturers. Offices soon in Germany, Spain and France.

100 (New) Avril Palmer-Baunack, Universal Salvage managing director

With the new End of Live Vehicle regulations coming into force in 2007, Universal will be hoping to gain a pivotal position and new MD Palmer-Baunack will be key to this.

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