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Nissan Leaf Tekna: How dealers can help green EV customers

Nissan Leaf (2019)


Price: £31,055 (excl £3,500 grant)

Power: 110kW, 40kWh battery, 150PS

Performance: 0-62mph 7.9secs, top speed 89mph

Emissions: 0g/km CO2


While providing commuters with a zero-emission green dream machine may be imagined by some as akin to Prometheus gifting fire to humans, when it comes to converting to a pure EV, many drivers can feel more like a cow being handed a musket.

Fear and ignorance on the part of prospects or even buyers can make new demands on dealers. When was the last time a dealer had to explain how to refuel a car? 1910?

I asked Nissan how it was helping to transition drivers to pure electric and the part its retailers play.

“As the market leader in electric vehicles and the ‘go-to’ brand for many who are making the transition from a traditionally engined or hybrid vehicle to one that is pure electric, Nissan is committed to providing customers with the very best advice and experience before, during and after their purchase,” a spokesman said.

To this end, every Nissan dealership offers a detailed handover of a Nissan EV and most have a dedicated on-site EV expert.

“Before making the switch to pure electric, our findings are that many customers will already have ‘done their homework’ on the vehicle and how it will fit their lifestyle, but Nissan EV specialists have received intensive manufacturer training on all aspects of EV ownership,” the spokesman said.

These specialists can offer advice on charging,  the suitability of an EV to an individual’s lifestyle, maintenance and optimising range through different driving techniques.

To support the transition to pure electric, Nissan makes a ‘customer promise’ to anyone considering one of its EVs.

“This is designed to optimise their ownership experience, making it as enjoyable as possible.

“It also provides a hassle-free solution to some of the concerns that motorists can have when considering making the switch to pure electric,” the spokesman said.

Nissan’s promise – which includes the availability of 24-hour test drives, the free use of a petrol or diesel car for up to 14 days during the first three years of ownership (should customers wish to make extra-long journeys); free rapid charging at participating Nissan dealerships; a guarantee of continuous and free EV roadside assistance, renewed with every Nissan service; a battery quality guarantee and a proposed resolution to any problem with two working days – is sure to warm the cockles of a new EV convert.

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