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The Mazda6 offers space in a shrinking market sector




Price: from £29,195

Engine: 2.2-diesel, 150PS

Performance: 0-62mph 10.2secs, top speed 130mph

Gearbox: 6sp manual

Efficiency: 46.3 mpg

Emissions: CO2 119g/km (WLTP)


I’ve stretched the Mazda6’s legs a bit more this month, with a handful of trips across the Midlands and East Anglia, and it has given me a chance to examine its capabilities in more detail.

Many of the fleet car drivers who would have been the prime market for this diesel-powered estate a few years ago have since been tempted by crossover SUVs.

But benchmarking the Mazda6 against  similarly  priced diesel estate cars and en-vogue crossover SUVs, using JATO data, shows that while estates may be falling out of fashion they still remain a practical choice for families and sales reps with lots of kit to carry. Examination of the very popular Kia Sportage and Ford Kuga shows they offer considerably less boot space and, despite similar or better miles per gallon, emit more CO2 and offer less power. Customers tempted by a BMW roundel must sacrifice both capacity and cash for the prestige.

In truth, the Mazda6’s main threat in this segment is the Škoda Superb, thanks to its vast loadspace.

The choice of large estates is diminishing, but Mazda’s dealers can still find customers for this trusted workhorse. 


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