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Also Driven: Kia Sportage XS Auto



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A value for money SUV, the Sportage is lagging behind with Kia’s reinvention. 

It needs a design overhaul to bring it in line with new models like the Soul, but in the meantime Kia has given it a subtle restyle. The Sportage now comes with the option of two-wheel drive and automatic

transmission with its 2.0-litre diesel for the first time.
Engineers have reduced the amount of body roll and improved handling, but the difference is minimal. 

Interior changes come in the form of improved noise reduction, as well as reconfigured positioning of the seats. Colour-coded bumpers are now standard. It comes with Kia’s seven-year warranty which is a great selling point. 

  • Engine 2.0-litre CRDi
  • Price £17,495

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