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Driven: Porsche Cayman – on sale now



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Porsche has brought new custom to its network since the launch of its Cayman two-seater coupé.

Priced £36,220, it slips Porsche onto the shopping lists of consumers already considering a BMW Z4 Coupé or Lotus Europa.

While the more expensive brother, the Cayman S, has been lauded as being as good as a 911, the driving experience from the standard Cayman is not quite as distinguished.

Despite its 0-62mph time of 6.1mph, the car lacks the spine-tingling acceleration that a Porsche enthusiast might expect, particularly when the revs fall below about 4,800rpm without the ‘sport’ button engaged.

Thankfully the five-speed manual gearbox is slick and direct, making gearchanges a doddle.

And the handling is definitely worthy of the Porsche shield, as Cayman turns crisply and holds on beautifully through the bends.

The ride is firmer than the Boxster roadster on which it is based, and becomes even more so when the active suspension management is selected.

High quality engineering and dynamics aside, buyers don’t get a whole host of luxuries for the standard price.

Air-con, 17in alloys, electric windows, Alcantara trim, CD/radio, front foglamps, stability control and an electronic rear spoiler are included.

Adding climate control, full leather upholstery and metallic paint – standard on the £32,100 Z4 Coupé – puts the price up by £2,757.

Its two-year warranty is lacking when compared to its rivals’ three-year cover.

2008 Porsche Cayman

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