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Rotherham-based DC Cook was one of the first dealer groups to commit to online motor retailing. Its website, developed in-house by three designers plus IT director Simon Gleadhall, is integrated with the Kerridge dealer management system.

Sales of more than £3m have been achieved to date, thanks in part to links with services such as AutoLocate, AutoTrader, Car Source, Exchange & Mart and Autohit.

Visitor traffic, which rose to around 3,500 a week, has increased to 50,000 since DC Cook entered into partnership with Totalise to offer unofficial imports. These generate about 200 e-mails a day from sales prospects, of which 13-17% are converted into orders.

The site is an object lesson in practical design: each page is kept deliberately simple to enable quick access.

Prospective buyers can select new or used cars. Users can choose a new car online by make and model, or specification and features.

This information, from, is updated every day. The trade-in valuation is an unusual facility. Prospective customers who enter details of part-exchange vehicles are given a guaranteed trade-in value, provided all information is accurate.

The services icon enables customers to book a service, MOT or arrange repairs.

A map reveals all DC Cook dealerships by clicking on different UK regions. There are also links to the DC Cook Scooterland site and Yorkshire Leasing, which offers finance.

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