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London SE search leads to Bradford



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The CD Bramall website lacks design flair but it is laid out clearly and users find it easy to navigate. But the choice of colours clash.

More important is the level of functionality. The new and used cars search facility on this site is one of the most extensive we have reviewed so far.

Users can plug in their postcode to search for cars only in their area and get a part-exchange value on their existing car. The budget calculator allows users to select a monthly payment amount, terms of payment and the size of deposit.

It also adjusts to show the effects of different finance options.

A 'fast track' locator targets buyers who know exactly which make and model of car to search. It is also possible to refine each individual search by engine size, fuel type, transmission, number of doors and insurance rating.

The dealer locator facility worked but a South-east London postcode located dealers as far afield as Bradford.

A special offers section conveniently describes the relevant details and gives users instant access to prices.

This section was slightly let down by an untidy and unattractive layout. It is also possible to book a service online and get access to latest news from the entire CD Bramall network.

This site has been competently put together and the finance calculator and new and used car search facilities are excellent.

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