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Long-term car review: Mazda6 Tourer



£23,595 (£24,825 as tested)
2.2 litre turbodiesel; 148bhp
0-62mph 9.2sec, top speed 130mph
6sp man
64.2mpg, 116g/km CO2
RV 3yr/30k
Start mileage
Current mileage
Key rivals
Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Insignia, Škoda Octavia, Volkswagen Passat



Search for Mazda6 Tourer in  Google and it is clear the brand’s marketing team have been doing their job. The two paid-for positions at the top of the page are taken up by a link to Mazda’s dedicated website for the 6 and an individual Mazda dealer.

Much like with AM’s Seat Leon long-termer, the search results paint a positive picture for the Mazda6.

There are three reviews at the top of the ‘organic’ (unpaid) search results and they are dominated by a five-star review, four-and-a-half star review and a four-star review. Most of the reviews feature consumers’ opinions, which echo the positive views from motoring journalists.

AM has also had a five-star dealer experience during our time with the Mazda6. The Donalds Group Mazda dealer in Peterborough read AM’s previous long-term review, which mentioned a potential fault causing excessive moisture on the windscreen.

Donalds rang, asked if they could help, offered to pick up the car,  confirmed we were still at the same address and asked about a convenient time for pick-up. The driver was polite, asked what the trouble had been and said he would ring to give an update on the car and when we could expect it back that day. Donalds rang (they couldn’t find a problem with any seals) and dropped the car back, valeted, to AM HQ before the end of the day. It’s this sort of hitch-free service that shows the benefits of using a franchised dealer and makes customers recommend them.

The Mazda6 helped the manufacturer secure a 60% growth in fleet sales in 2013, up from 6,447 units to 10,325.

Mazda is looking to woo more company car drivers into the Mazda6 this year. Providing SME businesses with top dealer service like this can only help boost volumes further.

Reviews your customers will be reading online

“The seats are comfortable, the interior is neatly laid out, with generous equipment levels, and the handling is very secure.

The real gem, though, is the diesel engine that delivers its ample power very smoothly, allied to an excellent manual gearbox. I have had the car for five months and driving it still brings a smile.

Of the criticisms I read online before buying, the most significant seemed to be ride quality. But for my tastes, it is very good.

The interior looks like it will last well, despite the children, but it is not as classy as an Audi. The TomTom satnav feels like a version 1, but version 2 would be better integrated and have improved graphics.”


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