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Mercedes-Benz CLC 220 CDI Sport



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Like the A-Class, the CLC is a good way for those who aspire to owning a Mercedes to enter the brand.

The black paintwork, along with with 18-inch alloys, create a striking effect on the road.

The interior is quite sedate in comparison. While quality is still of a high standard, it doesn’t match up to larger Mercedes-Benz models.

The four-cylinder 220 CDI is punchy and can even be a bit unwieldy when starting off at traffic lights, especially in slippery conditions.

There was more than one occasion when the stability control system started flashing. As a status symbol, CLC still holds weight, but its driving credentials are overshadowed by the BMW 1 Series Coupé and Volkswagen’s Scirocco.

  • Engine 2.1-litre
  • Price £22,893

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