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Mitsubishi 4x4 range is 'most complete in UK'



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Mitsubishi's 5dr Shogun Pinin will go on sale next month at prices expected to be well below its main rivals. Toyota's RAV4 in NV trim, Suzuki Grand Vitara and the Honda CR-V in LS trim each costs £16,495. Land Rover's Freelander 1.8 S is £17,495.

Mitsubishi UK was this week expected to announce prices from just over £16,000 to about £19,000 for the 5dr. Prices of the 3dr Pinin, launched a year ago from £13,995, will also be cut.

Paul Williams, Mitsubishi UK sales director, said: “The 5dr gives us the most complete 4x4 range in the market.”

Pinin sales in 2001 are expected to reach 3,000 units. “We sold 1,700 3drs this year and in 2001 expect 2,000 sales of 5drs – and 1,000 3drs,” said Mr Williams.

He expected this to follow the pattern within the compact SUV sector where 5dr models traditionally outsell 3dr equivalents.

Mitsubishi believes its GDI engine with its low emissions and greater economy will give it a competitive edge. The 5dr gets an all-new 2.0 litre GDI unit while the 3dr has the 1.8 GDI unit used in Carisma.

There will be about 500 Shogun Pinin 5drs in the dealer network by Christmas with January 1 earmarked as the official on-sale date.

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