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Rover takes MG range to extremes


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MG Rover has unveiled the first product to bridge the gap between its new MG saloons and roadsters and its new motorsports programme which will be known as the 'Extreme' MG.

The 'product excitement strategy' for MG will also see Ultimate derivatives of the mainstream cars and are designed to be 'outrageous fun'

The MG Extremes are one-off vehicles, which are being specially built for demonstration and promotional purposes.

The first to be revealed is the 'MGF Extreme'(pictured) is first to be revealed and is powered by a 450 horsepower MG XP20 'X Power' Le Mans engine. Under the specially-formed bodywork, suspension components have been modified to cope with this triple expanse in power output from the standard car. Larger wheels, functioning aerodynamic body features – which include front and rear lift reducing body contours, larger side air intakes, lower body side mouldings and bonnet vents – are all part of the Extreme model.

The 'MG ZT Extreme' will have even more – 500 horsepower – this time from a large, highly modified V8 engine driving the rear wheels (standard ZTs are front wheel drive, Core ZTs are rear-wheel-drive V8s).

MG ZR and ZS Extremes are based closely on the Rally car and Touring race cars respectively, but will have appropriate road-going modifications.

Rob Oldaker, product development director and managing director, MG Sport & Racing, said: "These Extreme vehicles will see MG bursting sensationally into the highest echelons of the performance car scene, producing cars that have until now only been our wildest dreams – and all part of our MG X Power strategy."

Earlier this year MG Rover revealed enhanced versions of each of the MG line-up, the MGF, MG ZR, MG ZS and ZT with three trim levels, targeted at people who enjoy sports inspired road cars. These were referred to as the 'Entry, Core and Ultimate' models.

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