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Smart to reveal 100mpg concept engineering



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Smart cars could be achieving 100 miles to the gallon with CO2 emissions of less than 80g/km if a revolutionary new hybrid engine developed by DaimlerChrysler and British firm Zytech gets the go-ahead.

The concept, called smart hyper, hits achieves the mpg rate by using an electric motor to pull away and at low speeds, with a diesel engine cutting in later.

The energy supplied by the electric motor to the drivetrain also helps its 0-62mph time - almost two seconds less than the conventional diesel drive at 17.8 seconds. The concept will be unveiled at the Frankfurt International Motor Show later this month, and may make it into production by 2004 if the idea is taken up.

First drive: Smart ForTwo – on sale September

Few cars are as distinctive as the Smart ForTwo. The original model drew a storm of publicity when it entered the UK new car market in 2000 – initially in left-hand drive.

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