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Top marks for Preston's original web approach


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A visit to the new website of Preston Hall BMW shows how to use the internet to improve customer service, as outlined at the eBusiness Automotive conference in Paris.

Konrad McLean, development consultant for Preston, of Stockton on Tees, and which is part of the Arriva group, said: “The internet is a communication tool for reaching new customers and providing existing ones with excellent customer service.”

The site is attracting more than 400 visitors a week. The homepage is uncluttered and the functions and services are easy to identify.

First-time users are asked for their name and the country and at the next visit, Preston delivers a personalised message with the user's name.

Online customers can then select from four main content areas. These include 'products and services', 'approved used', 'features' and 'exclusive services'. Customers click on product and services if they want the latest information on the BMW model range. They can arrange a service booking and, if needed, arrange to speak to a parts and accessories adviser.

Customers searching for a used BMW in the 'approved used' option are advised of the total in stock and given details and prices. The 'features' section adds an important element of interest to the site with reports and reviews on a number of cars.

You can visit the site at

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