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Tips and advice for running a profitable dealership across all key areas of automotive.  

Each tip is designed to increase and impact on a dealership's overall profitability and is provided by suppliers to the UK dealer market, showcasing their position as thought leaders in their field and a company dealers should consider partnering with.

Digital | Stock | Aftersales | Car care | People | Finance | Insurance | Fabric/paint protection | Customer experience

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Everything you need to know about...

This series of 'Everything You Need To Know About…' videos enables AM commercial partners who are experts in their field to provide crucial advice and best practice for car dealers to implement in their businesses.

These short videos will be full of practical tips that will enable car dealers to manage and optimise this particular area of their business and ultimately drive improvements to the bottom line.

We've sorted them alphabetically to make it easier to find the topic - and the expert - you need.

Spencer Halil, director of Alphera Financial Services
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Motor finance options

This short film from Alphera looks at building F&I performance through education and accreditation.

Close up of a social media post on a screen
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Social media

This short film from Marketing Delivery looks at how car dealerships can effectively promote their businesses using social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Liam Quegan
Sponsored by NextGear Capital logo

Stock sourcing and funding

This short film from NextGear Capital looks at how car dealerships can find and fund great used vehicle stock.

A quote from the video
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Customer experience

This short film from gives advice to car dealers on how to manage their online reputation and improve feedback from customers.

A man valeting the side of a red car
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Valeting outsourcing

This short film from Secure Valeting looks at how car dealerships can outsource their valeting and other operations.

A collage of multiple images of a silver car or its features from different angles
Sponsored by CitNOW logo from 2018

Video and imagery

This short film from CitNOW looks at how car dealerships can use video to provide customers with great service and sell more cars faster.

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Call tracking

This short film from Calltracks gives advice to car dealers on how to use intelligent call tracking to save costs.

A workshop with two cars on service ramps
Sponsored by eDynamix logo 2019

Aftersales profitability

This short film from eDynamix gives advice to car dealers on how to increase aftersales profitability.

An office with people sat behind three monitors
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Retailing's future

This short film from Codeweavers looks at the future of car sales and how fast the car retailing environment is changing.