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Franchised dealer performance 

“Everyone was quiet”.

It’s the call of underperforming managers everywhere at accounts review time. Comparison against other dealers within the industry enables us to not only validate this claim and also spot potential areas of improvement.

In aggregate we can see the overall health of the dealer network in what remains a very low margin industry. We also monitor the direction of travel to see whether things are getting better or worse.

The key ratios enable us to quickly identify areas of underperformance through comparison to our benchmarks and network averages. We can then work with dealers to improve their performance.

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Key Ratio Benchmark
Average dealership profit N/A
Net profit as % of sales 3.0%
Overhead absoprtion 80.0%
Used: new sales 1.5 : 1
Vehicle sales expenses as % gross 50.0%
Sales per salesperson 150.0
Used vehicle stockturn 45.0 days
Return on used car investment 100.0%
Overall labour efficiency 100.0%
Service gross profit % on labour 75.0%
Service expenses as % gross 40.0%
Hours per retail job card 2.5
Parts gross profit % 22.0%
Parts expenses as % gross 40.0%
Parts stockturn 8.0