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DIARY DATE: Ensure you are GDPR compliant at AM's February conference

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) spells the biggest shake-up in data protection regulation in decades.

Guest opinion: Why customer communication is the key to GDPR compliance

Personal data is at the core of most businesses and forms the basis of a wide range of activities, from sales and marketing to customer relationship management; but the ways we are able collect, store and use it are set to undergo a radical overhaul.

Dealers risk 'breaching current data laws' with GDPR preparation

Some companies are breaching current data laws in their efforts to comply with GDPR, the new EU data regulation, a lawyer has warned.

‘Aftersales departments need automated systems to ensure GDPR compliance’ – Automotive Management Live 2017

Aftersales departments need an automated approach when capturing and managing data to ensure they are compliant under new EU data regulations.