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You’ve achieved unprecedented market share in the UK and dealers and consumers love you, so is this the time to take a risk with a new model in a niche segment?

Hyundai clearly thought it was with the Veloster coupé. It says the car will “drive incremental sales” of up to 20,000 customers annually in Europe.

It is the most impressive Hyundai to-date: striking design, great build quality and very comfortable to drive. An efficient engine, ‘stop & go’ technology and low rolling resistance tyres contribute to a healthy combined mpg of 47.9mpg.

No one should be surprised: Hyundai established a name for itself in the segment with the coupé from 1996.

However, the 1.6 engine just isn’t powerful enough to provide the associated driving thrill, the 2+1 door arrangement translates to “there’s a door missing in the back” to the uninitiated and dealers have voiced their scepticism to AM that it will strike a chord with buyers.

Hyundai, while admitting it is a “Marmite car”, says it’s UK sales target is a modest 3,000-4,000 – and promises a turbo version in the summer.

Now that I do want to drive.

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