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Driven: Ford Fiesta Ghia 5dr 1.6i



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Since its launch in 1976 the Fiesta has continuously grown in popularity. Over the course of its life more than ten million models of the super-mini have been sold, with sales in the UK last year totalling 83,803.

Dealers will try to sell the Fiesta to anyone looking for a good-value small car and with its long history there are bound to be plenty of people interested. The new Fiesta has a chunky, cute look that will appeal predominantly to female drivers of all ages and younger male drivers.

Being inside the Ghia was like being inside an elephant. Everything is grey. The seats, the carpets, the dash, everything. Despite the industrial look of the interior the controls were all easy to use and the air conditioning was a welcome addition.

The high driving position adds to the van-like feel of the car and at 5ft 1inches I found the seating position really uncomfortable. Over a long journey I ended up with ankle, knee and back ache. Ford will need to remember the pint-sized punters when working on a redesign.

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