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First look: Audi Allroad - on sale early 2006



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The next generation Audi Allroad will be close to the concept unveiled at Detroit. Featuring optional air suspension, new bodyshell based on the A6 chassis, and variable ground clearance (160mm to 210mm), the car is due to go into production next year.

New engines will include a 4.0-litre 286bhp V8 TDI diesel. Innovations include ‘road vision’, an optical sensor system that recognises road conditions, lane assist, which induces vibrations on the steering wheel if the car leaves its lane, and side assist to radar monitoring.

Pricing will be a little higher than the outgoing model, which starts at £28,220 for the 2.5-litre TDI. Volumes will rise from the 1,379 Allroads sold last year – its best year to date – to around 2,000 units.

“Allroad does an off-road job without being a ‘look at me car’,” says an Audi spokesman. “That’s why people will buy it.”

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