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Long-term test: Skoda Yeti 1.6TDI Elegance Greenline II



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Yet again, AM’s long term Skoda has proven what a practical addition it is to the Czech brand’s range following the year’s first snow shower.

An early morning flight meant braving roads that weren’t quite clear and despite being a two wheel-drive variant, AM’s Yeti managed well.

The torque output from the 1.6-litre diesel engine didn’t spin the wheels unnecessarily on icy junctions, even when pulling away in first gear.

The heated seats on the top Elegance trim also came in handy again, as the leather seats were sub-zero when we jumped into the car at 5am.

The Yeti always feels safe and sturdy on the road, so much so that my better half felt perfectly comfortable, falling asleep on the journey to the airport despite being nervous about the conditions.

Following the recent growth of cold weather tyres as an incremental profit opportunity for aftersales departments in the UK, the idea of having some fitted doesn’t seem so ridiculous from a consumer’s perspective.

Emergency stops are a frequent occurrence when it comes to Cambridge’s seemingly suicidal cyclists, so a set of winter tyres could improve the Yeti’s stopping distance by up to 10%.

Skoda has undercut the majority of manufacturers by creating a special offer to fit a set of cold weather tyres from £248 which is a reasonable price considering the potential safety benefits when temperatures drop below 7 degrees.

Premium brands like BMW are asking for at least £700 for a full set without fitment and even manufacturers towards the value end of the spectrum like Suzuki want £424 for a full set and fitment.

However, customers are only likely to be convinced if they’re aware of the benefits, so it’s up to suppliers and Skoda dealers to inform customers with some targeted marketing.

We haven’t been contacted by our local Skoda dealer with any information about this offer, despite having previous Skoda models serviced there.

This might be because the dealership is aware AM has test cars, so perhaps a case of good database management rather than missed opportunity?

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