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New Impreza leads drive for 2006 Subaru sales target



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##Sam Burton--left##

New Impreza is seen by Subaru UK as the key model in its drive for 20,000 sales by 2006. Sales director Sam Burton (pictured left) said Subaru had traditionally sold to "the older but enthusiastic buyer", but Impreza was lowering the age of buyers.

"It has attracted the 35-50 year olds who still want a sporty car but now have a family," said Mr Burton.

He is confident that over the next five to six years he can build total Subaru sales from 10,000 this year towards 20,000. Impreza alone will boost next year's sales to 12,000, he believed, without too much change in the dealer network. "We have 112 at the moment and we could go to 120 but like so many people we struggle to fill open points within the M25 circle," he said.

Prices for the new Impreza range start at £13,950 for the 1.6 TS and the 2.0 GX saloon is £15,750. The WRX is £21,495 for the saloon and £21,995 for the estate.

##New Subaru--none##

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