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Toyota Verso - on sale now



Verso (2010)
T Spirit 2.2 D-CAT
RV 3yr/30k
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While not the sort of vehicle to get buyers really excited (see consumer view below), the Verso makes a perfectly sensible MPV choice.

The clue to its success lies in its name – the model’s nothing if not versatile, with its Easy Flat-7 seating system allowing the middle row and two rear seats to be folded completely flat in the floor when they’re not needed. 

The middle seats can also slide backwards and forwards to vary the ratio between legroom and luggage space. The two rear seats aren’t really designed for adults, but carry two children in comfort.

Our test Verso, the T Spirit 2.2-litre D-CAT diesel, came with black leather seats, a practical choice for a family vehicle and snazzy enough with their white stitching to look at home in your living room, though a pricey option at £1,575. 

The top-spec T-Spirit models like ours gain larger alloys, dual-zone climate control and a reversing camera, cleverly incorporated into the rear-view mirror. Diesel variants are expected to account for 70% of sales.

The Verso is roomy, with lots of useful storage areas, including one beneath the floor in front of the middle row of seats, and a double-level glovebox. 

Like most of its rivals, it boasts a five-star EuroNCAP rating. It features stability and hill-start controls as standard and achieves a first-in-class of having third-row curtain airbags.

Up-sell options include a protection pack with rear parking sensors and a style pack featuring chrome trim.

The consumer view

Car magazine
The new Verso won’t set the world on fire, but it will provide no-nonsense, cleverly thought-through people-carrying duties for the masses.


The driving experience, although comfortable, lacks sparkle. But comfort levels are superb


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