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Pentana Solutions

Pentana Solutions leverages 40 years of heritage in technology to deliver innovative solutions that transform industry. As a one-stop shop, Pentana Solutions provides software for the automotive industry from distribution, to all facets of the retail dealership including CRM, marketing, showroom, business intelligence and after sales.

Pentana Solutions understands that the UK market needs a platform to connect automotive dealers with today’s savvy consumers. This is why DealerPRO’s unique design enables configuration to meet Automotive Dealer preferred business processes and support those of their OEMs. The DealerPRO solution offers a mobile optimised experience, which helps automotive dealers engage with consumers and internal users across all touch points. 

Designed for forward thinking Automotive Dealers, Pentana Solutions’ DealerPRO is a fully integrated DMS and CRM solution that drives efficiency and streamlines operations. This DMS delivers real-time, accurate insight from across the dealership helping to boost productivity, maximise sales and profitability whilst minimising costs in all areas of the business.

DealerPRO offers five key benefits for the automotive dealership business:

  • Integration - Real time and painless integration with third party applications
  • Multi or Single Franchise Support – DealerPRO manages the complexities of multi-brand groups or single franchise locations
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) -  Providing insight into all contact information for customers, prospects and business partners
  • Multi-Channel Marketing – Allows marketing set up across different channels to ensure consistent and frequent communication with the desired targets
  • Showroom Management - DealerPRO allows Dealers to deliver a consistently positive customer experience by using both OEM & dealership tailored pre-sales processes

With 55,000 users worldwide across more than 100 countries and 79 OEM endorsements Pentana Solutions has a global product focus. The company has a commitment to its supporters and will continue to innovate via a partnership methodology. 

Contact Pentana Solutions today for a innovative and credible DMS alternative.