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  • Supplier News 13 Feb

    The Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA) has warned of a potential “charging crisis” for remarketing companies as electric vehicles (EV) start to enter the used market in greater volumes.

  • Market Insight 16 Jul

    The September roll-out of the new RDE2 vehicle emissions standards is causing a re-emergence of new car pre-registrations, the Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA) heard at its July members meeting.

  • Used Cars 3 Jul

    More onus could be put on dealers to ensure any used cars are up to date with recall requirements in the future, according to the Vehicle Remarketing Association.

  • Used Cars 18 Jun

    Car dealers have been called upon to end unnecessary used vehicle stock value losses of up to 5% by creating a centralised national service history database.

  • Used Cars 17 Apr

    The rise of personal leasing has been blamed for a rise in the volume of sub-standard repair work seen on used cars by remarketing operations, according to the Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA).

  • Supplier News 13 Feb

    The Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA) has added its support to the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association’s (BVRLA) response to the current Government’s WLTP consultation.

  • People News 27 Nov

    The Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA) announced during its annual 'Challenges of 2019' conference that Sam Watkins will succeed Glen Sturley as its new chairman.

  • Used Cars 26 Oct

    A race for vehicle refurbishing services could be sparked by used car stock shortages which are leading car dealers to downgrade the condition of stock they are buying to fill their forecourts, according to the Vehicle Remarketing Association.

  • Used Cars 8 Oct

    Trade prices for used cars have reached such a high level that dealers relying on finance and insurance (F&I) for profitability, the Vehicle Remarketing Association (RMA) has said.

  • Supplier News 13 Sep

    The Vehicle Remarking Association will ask whether 2019 will be “the year of the used van” when it hosts members at Manheim’s Bruntingthorpe auction site next week.

  • Used Cars 25 Jul

    ​A WLTP-prompted shortage in the supply of new vehicles has resulted in daily rental companies turning to the used car market to replenish their fleets, the Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA) has said.

  • Used Cars 19 Jul

    The Vehicle Remarketing Association has warned car dealers to expect an unpredictable used car market towards the end of this year and into 2019 as the sector feels the effects of the switch to WLTP emissions test legislation.

  • Used Cars 13 Jun

    The Vehicle Remarketing Association has warned that an oversupply of petrol-fuelled used cars is likely to result from the “dramatic shift away from diesel in favour of petrol”.

  • Latest News 17 May

    The Vehicle Remarketing Association's annual general meeting will offer delegates access to expert advice on dealing with diesel “demonisation” and the fall-out from the EU's incoming WLTP emissions and fuel consumption test regime.

  • Used Cars 19 Feb

    The impact of motorists’ shift from diesel to petrol-powered vehicles could create a “culture shock” for used car retailers in two years’ time, the VRA has claimed.

  • Used Cars 26 Oct

    A string of fatalities at US auctions has prompted the formation of a safety sub-committee at the Vehicle Remarketing Association.

  • People News 8 Feb

    The Vehicle Remarketing Association has appointed Rupert Pontin, Tim Hudson and Philip Nothard as new directors on a ten-strong board.

  • People News 5 Aug

    The Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA) has appointed Glenn Sturley as its new chairman, with Sam Watkins becoming his deputy.

  • Market Insight 25 May

    Fears about the effects of a flood of used cars in a market propped-up by PCPs could mean that we are currently living in “the good old days”, a financial analyst has suggested.

  • Market Insight 23 May

    Visitors to the annual Vehicle Remarketing Association Conference voted 70% in favour of remaining in Europe as senior figures from the financial and automotive sector debated the potential effects of Brexit. A live poll of visitors to the annual event, this year hosted by journalist and former newscaster Ginney Buckley, revealed an overwhelming desire to remain in the common market among those present at Solihull’s Cranmore Park Conference Centre. The live poll saw 26.4% of conference attendees vote in favour of leaving the EU, meanwhile, with just 3.6% stating that they were as yet undecided. The vote came as Jaguar Land Rover director of financial services, David Betteley, Woburn Consulting Group’s financial services consultant Peter de Rousset-Hall and Richard Hill, head of automotive at RBS debated the issue following a presentation from Deloitte senior analyst and economist Debrapratim De. De had told the event that Brexit would “almost inevitably” lead to the reduced availability and the higher cost of finance and a squeezing of the disposable incomes. After stating that the current automotive boom had been built on consumer demand driven by “easy money”, he said that in the event of Brexit: “There would be a short-term credit crunch and 25 to 30% decline of the pound against the dollar. The Euro would also take a hit. “There would be an immediate sell-off in equities and we might see capital flow out of the UK.” De also said that the departure of Britain from the EU, in the event of Brexit, could trigger the “disintegration of the EU”, adding: “There is a growing level of Euro scepticism and nationalism in Europe as a whole and, in a recent survey of European citizens, 48% think that if the UK left the EU others would follow.” But the Deloitte financial experts also said that, in the long-term, Britain could benefit from Brexit, the move creating a “more vibrant, market-driven economy”. He said: “At the moment our economy is strong, our population and industry is growing. I don’t think the world can do without us.” Amongthe panel discusiing the issue of the referendum, Betteley said: “Our corporate view is that we should remain. Europe is an important market for us. We buy a significant amount of components in Europe. We are currently advising all our people to use their vote very carefully.” Hill said: “Britain is often referred to as Treasure Island, but that coincides with periods where the pound is very strong. If that situation changes quite dramatically it would be quite interesting to see what European manufacturers do in terms of sales in the UK given that they wouldn’t represent the large profits that they are seeing today.” This month’s AM magazine will feature the results of a fortnight-long poll of the publication’s online readership which asked which way people would vote in the June 23rd EU referendum. A strong response has allowed AM to break-down details of the age and regional voting demographics, how many people have already made preparations for a possible Brexit and who could be most affected by a potential departure from the common market.