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Peugeot UK appoints new managing director

Peugeot UK has appointed Tim Zimmerman as its new managing director.

He replaces Jonathan Goodman who will move to Paris at the start of October to become director of media relations for PSA Peugeot Citroën.

Zimmerman is currently general manager of Peugeot’s operations in China and returns to the UK after fourteen years away.

His career started with Peugeot in Coventry in September 1986 and since then he has held various roles in the UK and Europe including fleet, leasing and used vehicle director for Peugeot France, marketing and commercial director of Banque PSA Finance and managing director of Peugeot Netherlands before moving to China.

Zimmerman rejoins the UK subsidiary as the company prepares to launch the world’s first diesel electric hybrid- the 3008 Hybrid4.

Zimmerman said, “I have long-standing acquaintances in Peugeot UK and its dealer network so I look forward to working with them again.”

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  • Avril Mills - 09/12/2012 16:14

    Dear Mr. Zimmerman Re: Peugeot 308 cc SE THP 156 Automatic: Registration RJ10 DZM I am writing To you to express my extreme disappointment with the above Peugeot I had purchased in April 2010 at the Charters of Uxbridge dealership (which has now ceased trading). I had purchased this car directly from the manufacturers with extras in France. The total costs of the car came to £25,096. I had bought this car thinking it would be reliable as I was experiencing problems with my Peugeot 307 cc, as a great deal of time was carried out by the mechanics to find the fault with the "de-pollution system fault", which finally ended up with the gear box being replacement. All be it being only reconditioned parts. You can imagine by concerns when the" de-pollution system default" message flagged up on my 308 cc and to experience the same problem as with my previous car ~ being when I press my foot on the acceleration there appeared to be lack of power and the car was not moving as it normally should. Immediately my thoughts went back to my previous car. After taking it to Hughes in Beaconsfield, Bucks HP9 1QJ and after they ran it through the diagnostic devise they said it did not highlight any faults. It was only replaced with *oil as the mechanic had noticed it was low.(Incidentally the low oil message did not show up on my screen). I should imagine the system was reset and was taken for a run as this would be required of the warranty. So far three days later the sign has not come back on but I am not holding my breath or feel confident as the experience from my last Peugeot has left me feeling very uncomfortable. I also need to mention that I totalling rely on my car especially as I need the car to travel to and throw from work ,five days a week, twelve miles each way . To find whilst my car was in the garage that I had to take both a bus and a train, leaving my house at 6.30 am to wait at bus stops/train stations in freezing conditions was most unpleasant. That's why I purchased a Peugoet for £25,000 as I understood this would warrant a reliable car. HOW WRONG WAS I ?!. After reading your blog it is quite apparent the "de-pollution system fault" is quite common with the entire range and there are a number of dissatisfied purchasers, who feel that there are grounds for a recall. At the moment my car is still under warranty and costs as yet have not been incurred (with the exception of the overpriced replacement oil). But come end of May 2013, my warranty will expire and I am not feeling confident that the mechanics of this costly car is going to be reliable, and will dread the cost of pricey repair bills.. At least with a Kia they are very confident with their products by giving up to a five/seven year warranty... I feel strongly if I am going to experience an ongoing problem with the "de-pollution system fault" my car should be replaced or a continues complimentary extended warranty should be offered. Mr. Zimmerman, I await your earliest response in receiving some form of assurances as the Managing Director of Peugeot. Yours sincerely Avril Mills (Miss) 1 North Cottages Farnham Road Farnham Royal Bucks SL2 3AT * The oil charge to me in my opinion was extremely extortionate at a cost of £14.40 PS My previous Peugeot 307 cc was purchased new directly from the dealership in Uxbridge as a demonstration car that had only done 500 miles

    • - 06/04/2013 19:51

      @Dr C Smith -

  • Dr C Smith - 27/03/2013 12:20

    Dear Mr. Zimmerman Re: Peugeot 207 Reg VN60NHZ My wife having had Ford Fiesta's for years decided to change for a Peugeot 2 years ago. At its 1st service having done 17,000 I was informed by Startings in Redditch the clutch had gone through 'fair wear & tear' and presented me with an estimate for over £650. They then further insulted me by stating that my wife must have dragged her foot on the clutch which was incorrect and then the engineer informed me that he had seen clutches fail at 5000 miles. I was looking at replacing her car the another Peugeot and I was also looking at the new Hybrid, however at this moment in time I am totally discussed with both the car and your dealership. My last VW car went over 60,000 miles with no problem and I have never experienced a worn clutch in over 30 years of company or private cars. I don't really expect a reply from you but I feel at present I should post the information on the surgery notice board for everyone to see, unless you can convince me Peugeot is a quality car and you can sort this out. Dr C Smith

  • julie bartlett - 19/04/2013 11:23

    i am on my fourth peugeot, at the moment i have a 57 plate 207. it has done 26000 miles and is in perfect condition. however i have just replaced the radiator, then two days later the head gasket, then the following day, the computer went, i had no sterring and now the car is in my local dealer and they cannot find the problem. i was quoted 920 pounds for a ecu, but that does not seem to be the problem as i sent the ecu off to be checked and it came back ok. i have not had a car now for 5 weeks due to all these problems and my local dealer cannot now locate the issue. i am in despair can you help me please

  • william mann - 07/08/2013 13:32

    I am writing to complain and ask for a refund of �1000 due to the monies I have lost with my business because of the amount of time my car has been in your garage awaiting repairs.The lies I have been told by your company plusthe lack of prfessionalim and unskilled labour is barbaric and the company should be ashamed and be brought to financial accountability.I have been fobbed off with one story after another ,when repaired within 30mins it had broke down The level of expertise is discusting I have paid nearly �2.000 and lost three weeks work due to your incompetence and want you to e mail me with a guarenteed rebursment of �1000-00 and the work also to be guarenteed once I get it back.I will be writing to my m.P and also Watchdog if I have not recieved a reply within the next 5 days. I trust as a businessman you will honour your companys policies of Customer care and commitment to respecting the client loss of financial income and inconvienience. I look forward to hearing from you a.s.ap