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Honda appoints new UK managing director

Honda UK has appointed a new managing director following Dave Hodgetts’ promotion to become European Regional Auditor for the Japanese manufacturer.

Phil Crossman (pictured), currently Honda general manager for the cars division, will take over as managing director for Honda UK on April 1.

For the past two years Crossman has been responsible for Honda's UK car sales operation. Previously, Crossman was head of dealer development for cars, motorcycles and power products. He joined Honda UK in 2000 as a regional manager from Nissan Motor GB where he was one of the founding business team.

Hodgetts will be responsible for the business performance assessment of 27 markets in the European region as well as those in Middle East, Russia and Africa.

The role will also encompass Honda's six manufacturing facilities within Europe and eight logistics operations. He was in the role of managing director at Honda UK for three years.

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  • irishboy4 - 02/03/2013 02:49

    Good luck Philip. Hope that the product range and Co2 ratings become competitive on the range.

  • Eric Phillips - 09/08/2014 11:56

    Do you have an email address for Phil Crossman?

  • Irishboy4 - 09/08/2014 22:34

    No do not have email address for him Eric. Email HR at Honda uk I suggest.

  • Gerald Tickner - 26/03/2016 16:07

    Mr. Crossman's eMail is: '' - not that you will actually get to him personally, just some desk-jock with a very poor understanding of English and technical comment. His contact telephone is published as 01753 590500, in other words, The Swindon Site switchboard at a guess! Gone are the days when Honda UK was headed by an Honourable Gentleman of Japan from his office in HQ in Brentford... and you were treated as a valued Honda customer not an annoying itch!

  • Brian Hauxwell - 08/02/2018 22:36

    I bought my new vehicle on 12th June 1999. Within seven weeks and 300 miles of taking delivery of my new honda civic SE Estate I reported in writing excessive road noise to a P.Wood, I believe he held a management position in the honda appointed retail representative, Elite Motors, SW17. Wood ignored it. I repeated this report several times, and Wood always ignored it. I then escalated it to kier, apparently a director at honda. Kier sent me lots of pieces of paper with lots of words on them telling me nothing. SMMT New Car Code of Practice’ page 8 states: ‘Our New Car Promise. ‘Once you have ordered your new car, it is our responsibility to ensure that the car supplied to the retailer is manufactured to a high quality standard which will meet with your expectations’. I made it clear to SMMT that the vehicle has not, does not, and never will, meet with my expectations. That was completely ignored. SMMT found in honda’s favour. (Of course they would. Kier was a director of SMMT at the time). They had no experience of the din on my honda and rejected my invitation to drive this vehicle, yet they obviously felt they were in a prime position to reach a decision. I continued to make my representation to kier, in desperation kier sent somebody by the name of hunt. he called himself ‘customer service manager’ who wanted to ‘bring the matter to a conclusion’. Unfortunately, honda’s idea of a conclusion failed to match mine. It would appear honda simply wanted to wash their hands of the matter and I wanted the matter rectified. This hunt drove my vehicle and was visibly shocked by the appalling din in this vehicle and ended up sitting with his head in his hands ‘how the hell do I get out of this?’ Hunt then offered to supply a proprietory sound proofing kit, and told me ‘this is the end of it’. This kit was completely incapable of isolating this appalling din, so obviously it was not ‘the end of it’, ‘It’ had only just begun!! Hunt identified the din as a ‘rotary howl’. Despite numerous requests, the definition of a ‘rotary howl’ has not been answered. Upon asking hunt why I am not getting any response, hunt explained proudly that he is the ‘brick wall’. Why does honda need a brick wall? I continued to ask honda to rectify this vehicle, but honda reverted that they will no longer communicate with me. honda still has not explained why they refused to rectify the appalling din on my vehicle. A few years ago somebody called ‘dix’ sent me a letter claiming that honda had made their position clear in 2006. It being seven / eight years ago I asked honda to remind me what was their position. I still don’t KNOW their stance. Honda has refused to rectify the fault, and has refused to explain the reason for refusing to rectify the fault. What is honda’s excuse? **edited for legal reasons** Additionally, because of proven poor security standards, my honda has been broken into six times in six years while parked. Other cars in the vicinity were left unmolested. This cost me GBP300 in insurance excesses, and an unknown amount in increased premiums due to the proven greater risk to which the insurer was exposed. Honda’s cure was an offer to supply and fit an alarm, we all know that nobody takes any notice whatsoever of alarms. It was obviously well known to the criminal fraternity that honda security was quite ineffective. The vehicle was priced approaching GBP17000, (in 1999!) but is unusable unless I have somewhere secure to leave it while unattended. Therefore the vehicle is unfit for purpose. **edited for legal reasons** I have tried the following parties, among others: Trading Standards seems they are no longer interested in trading standards. Serious Fraud Office, are disinterested in my case. They suggested Metropolitan Police, but they are disinterested. Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders find in favour of Honda, though they have no experience. SMMT website claimed they are impartial. I have proved they are not. That has made no difference. SMMT were very keen that I should use their arbitration service. Of course they would, then they can find in favour of their customer, and SMMT decision would be final, end of matter. Retail Motor Industry Federation are disinterred in the consumer. Which? Are disinterested. Motor magazines are disinterested, (including Auto Express). I cannot remember if I have approached RAC or AA but have little confidence they would be interested. My local MP is disinterested. Mediators are disinterested. Other honda appointed representatives at retail level, e.g. Baker, McCraig at Honda Crawley, Manzi, Newton at Honda Croydon, Wood, Stirrat, Farr at Elite Motors Orpington, are initially interested, but when they learn the nature of the problem, i.e. that I want the vehicle rectified rather than looking to spend lots of pound notes, they ignore me. Every which way I turn I come up against a conspiracy of silence. Rutherford of Auto Express has this in an issue, with my responses: I totally disagree that ‘…Honda as am old and much loved friend. It’s possibly the nicest firm on Planet Automobile.’ I view it as the most horrible company on planet automobile. **edited for legal reasons** My experience has been that Honda was disinteresed the moment I drove it away from the dealers premises. To recap, honda has confirmed the vehicle is faulty. Honda voluntered to supply an after market noise insulation kit. The after market noise insulation kit was utterly useless. Honda advised me the cause of the fault. Honda refuses to do anything more to rectify my faulty honda. Honda refuses to explain their refusal to rectify my faulty honda. **edited for legal reasons** NOBODY, will explain to me why the vehicle was not rectified. NOBODY, will explain to me honda has no liability to rectify my faulty honda. NOBODY, will explain to me I have no eligibilty to have honda rectify the fault. NOBODY, will explain to me that I am at fault in any way. NOBODY, will explain why honda NEEDS this ‘brick wall’. **edited for legal reasons** Astonishingly, HONDA apparently doesn’t seem to have a reason for refusal to rectify my faulty honda. Is that acceptable? Astonishingly, HONDA apparently doesn’t seem to believe they NEED to have a reason. Is that acceptable? Astonishingly, HONDA apparently seems to believe that, if they don’t WANT to rectify my faulty honda, they need not, no explanation needed. Is that acceptable? Astonishingly, It might even be that HONDA doesn’t know HOW to rectify a design fault, despite professing to be engineers. Is that acceptable? **edited for legal reasons** I haven’t given up and gone away. I thought I was buying a quality car designed and made by a reputable manufacturer. Instead, I ended up with a honda. Whenever I buy a new car, I go to the dealers, find out as much as I can about the model, take an extended test drive then, when I decide what might be most suitable I approach the online brokers and negotiate the very lowest price possible.