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Mitsubishi Outlander owners 'are extremely positive about the car'

Mitsubishi Outlander


Price £33,134
Engine 2.2-litre: 147PS
Transmission 6sp auto
Performance 0-62mph 11.6secs, top speed 118mph
Efficiency 48.7mpg, 153g/km CO2
RV 3yr/30k 43%
Start mileage 3,644
Current mileage 6,524
Rivals Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail, Volvo XC60, BMW X3 and Land Rover Discovery Sport


Conversations with dealers before Christmas led me to the conclusion that Mitsubishi drivers are a loyal bunch.

For this month’s review, I thought I would see how positive drivers are and compare their views with my own. It turns out Outlander owners are extremely positive about the car.

The Carbuyer website has 13 Outlander reviews for the latest model. Twelve owners gave it a four- or five-star rating out of a maximum of five, with 77% saying they would recommend the car to a friend.

The majority of reviewers own a GX diesel or petrol, so it’s not the eco-wizardry of the PHEV that is winning hearts exclusively.

Features singled out for praise include the improvement in build quality, roominess, driving comfort and performance, handling and economy.

Problems were highlighted with brakes, electrics and wear and tear on trim and carpet.

While I agree with the positives espoused, I was looking for a companion for my own frustrations with the Outlander – the refusal of the media player to ‘remember’ the last song playing on my iPod when I left the car and insistence on playing songs in alphabetical order when I get back in it and the rattle somewhere in the front passenger seat, which prompts the question: why provide a powerful stereo system if your build quality can’t cope with it?

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