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Nissan Leaf: High hopes for high-tech, high-spec EV

Nissan Leaf (2019)


Price: £31,055 (excl £3,500 grant)

Power: 110kW, 40kWh battery, 150PS

Performance: 0-62mph 7.9secs, top speed 89mph

Emissions: 0g/km CO2


At AM, we like a challenge. Just as winter was setting in, we took delivery of a Nissan Leaf. Hopefully, reviewing the best-selling pure electric car through the season’s frosty mornings will give us the chance to change some perceptions. We have the advantage of the range-topping Tekna trim, with its heated seats and steering wheel to keep us cosy while optimising the range of its 40kWh battery.

The new WLTP combined cycle test certifies the Leaf as having a range of 168 miles, and Nissan states it will charge from flat to full in 7.5 hours with a 7kW charger or 21 hours on a household three-pin 3kW charge. Our office in Peterborough is equipped with both, and Zap-Map shows more than 20 other public charge points in and around the city, including two 50kW fast-chargers, capable of restoring 80% capacity within an hour.

All Leaf models come with a ‘safety shield technology suite’ (lane departure warning, intelligent emergency braking, cross traffic alert), but Tekna also has a 360-degree ‘around view monitor’ and ProPilot advanced driver assistance. In effect, ProPilot makes our Leaf semi-autonomous, as it keeps the car in its lane, at a specified distance from the car in front, up to a driver-specified speed, and will brake the car to a stop.

Another new standard feature with this generation Leaf is ‘e-pedal’, allowing the driver to speed up, slow down and stop the car using the accelerator pedal alone, which aids the car’s regenerative braking. 

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