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Mitsubishi unveils concepts as cornerstone of revival plan



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Mitsubishi Motors' executives at the Tokyo motor show today introduced the company's new design identity by showing concept cars that they claim represent a cornerstone of the company's turnaround plan.

Four concept vehicles are on display, designed by Olivier Boulay, he new head of MMC design, including the CZ2 and CZ3 Tarmac, Mitsubishi's proposals for a new generation of compact cars, plus the Space Liner and SUP, 'future' concepts, looking at how space is used in cars.

Chief executive officer Takashi Sonobe said at the concept unveiling: “One of the most important steps in creating a successful car company is establishing a new design identity. The designs and products we are introducing here today are strong evidence that our turnaround is on the way to success. Internal reform means nothing unless we can create exciting products that will exceed our customers' expectations.”

Chief operating officer Rolf Eckrodt said: "Our strategy aims at sustainable success. And we will achieve this success with the kind of new exciting cars presented today.

“These four cars include models very close to market introduction with the first respective product launch in Japan already in 2002. However, the SUP and the Space Liner also show more future oriented studies with totally fresh ideas and a clear commitment to different lifestyle patterns.

These cars are another proof that we are no longer followers and short-term implementers. Rather, our product policy is characterized by consistency and a broad time horizon with a clear long-term vision and strategy.”

The CZ3 Tarmac is inspired by the MMC Rally machines, the SUP (Sport Utility Pack) is designed to appeal to young people at home with the internet and electronic products, but who are also 'nature and sport lovers'.

The Space Liner is designed like a private jet with interior space to match.



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