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Electric cars not on most drivers' choice lists - survey

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2015 front wheel over electric road marking

A survey has revealed 78% of drivers are not considering buying an electric vehicle in the near future.

The poll by online car servicing provider Servicing Stop asked motorists if they were planning on purchasing an electric car; or even considering it.

But almost 80% believe there should be designated parking bays for electric cars equipped with charging pods.

The survey asked 1,377 motorists what; if anything, attracted them to electric vehicles and almost a third said it was the lower driving costs.

It has not yet been confirmed which costs or saves the most out of fossil fuel based and electric vehicles, but 91% of motorists believe that electric cars are in fact the cheaper alternative.

The second most popular answer was the positive effect electric cars can have on the environment and more than a quarter of motorists said that the government grant of up to £4,500 was attractive. A further 11% said that the lower service costs of electric vehicles was a bonus.

While motorists are clearly behind electric cars as a cheaper alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles, 71% said that electric cars were ugly. This is no doubt a contributing factor to the lack of motorists gearing up for the move to electric.

Chief executive and founder of Servicing Stop Oly Richmond said: “With so many big time brands bringing out an electric range and with the Government offering financial incentives, I am surprised to see just 22% of motorists considering the change.

"Perhaps we all just need warming to the idea but anything that provides cheaper running and servicing costs is a great idea in my eyes.”

Survey responses

Do you think the following statements are true or false? TRUE FALSE
You will be able to charge your electric cars with an iPhone charger 19% 81%
Electric cars are glow in the dark 10% 90%
Electric cars are ugly 29% 71%
Electric cars are cheaper to run than diesel or petrol 91% 9%
Do you plan on or are you considering purchasing an electric vehicle? Result  
Yes 22%  
No 78%  
What if anything attracts you to an electric vehicle? Result  
Lower driving costs 31%  
Better for the environment 30%  
Government grant of up to £4,500 contributing to the cost of an electric vehicle 28%  
Lower service and maintenance costs 11%  
Do you think we should have special parking bays with charging pods especially for electric cars as we do have allocated disabled and parent and child bays? Result  
Yes 78%  
No 22%  


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