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As one of the UK’s leading vehicle finance specialists, Black Horse prides itself on clear and transparent communication to make finance as straightforward as possible. Black Horse is at the forefront of providing customers with high quality service, while also providing leadership on regulatory compliance and the road to zero emissions.

Account managers work closely with car, motorcycle and caravan dealers, supporting them whatever is around the corner. Delivering award-winning customer service, Black Horse account managers go further to support the success of your dealership, backed up by a suite of digital tools to help you with your business goals.

Finally, with its position in Lloyds Banking Group, including its partnership with Lex Autolease, Black Horse is able to provide thorough, expert advice and offer bespoke solutions to take your business one step further.

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Car dealers - remember key disclosures and product features

The FCA’s concern was around intermediaries, brokers and dealers not divulging key product features and other regulatory disclosures.

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Creating clear and consistent guidance on fuels

Our drive to create a more informed consumer regarding fuel options must continue.

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Don't get depressed. Collaborate and build strong partnerships to succeed and satisfy customers

Last month, I commented on the forthcoming FCA motor finance market study, in particular on commission structures. I wanted to reflect on discussions I have had across the market.

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FCA acknowledges professionalism of dealer finance sales

My key reflection is that the market has progressively adopted higher standards over the past three years.

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Focus on these four things to be successful in 2019

To be successful in 2019, I believe we need to focus on affordability, commission structures, informed decisions and digital technology

2018 to 2019 year rollover
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Providing clarity on finance offers is where dealers can excel

The challenge remains to ensure customers understand what they are buying when it comes to point-of-sale finance, with many still not clear on pricing, residual values and other technicalities of their contracts.

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'Some lenders not taking reasonable steps to manage intermediaries' - FCA

The FCA feels some lenders are not taking reasonable steps to manage intermediaries’ adherence to the rules in the Consumer Credit sourcebook (CONC).

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The Road to Zero strategy - a refreshingly balanced view

The Government Road to Zero strategy is a good document and much more balanced than some of the focus and messaging we have seen on the subject.

Quentin Willson hosting a Lex Autolease roundtable on greener fleets
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Time to clean the air on greener fleets

Lex Autolease: Greener Futures videos