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A move from selling cars to taking orders

“Aftersales absorption is now around 60% and it has fallen nearly 20% in just two years,” he said.

“This will be due in part to longer service intervals, but more significant is the failure to adapt to increasing competition to franchised dealers.

“OnBoarde addresses this issue directly, protecting dealers’ aftersales revenue through actionable data on the condition of a vehicle with a robust, attractive offering at zero cost to the customer.”

Evans’ focus is to allow dealers to maximise the aftersales opportunity from a new car over the first three years that he put at £1,700, excluding accident repair.

In-Car Cleverness provides the black box unit, which is plugged into a car’s OBD by the dealer during the PDI, and offers opt-in services to the dealer and customer.

Customers are offered the use of an app that will provide options on who should be contacted in the event of an accident, tracking if the car is stolen, if they want alerts when a service is due, oil level prompts, driving style data, the cheapest fuel in their area and any fault identified with the vehicle.

A dealer dashboard provides similar, actionable information in three instances: an accident, a service requirement or a fault, even if a dashboard light hasn’t illuminated.

Mileage data can be used to calculate tyre wear and oil used and when filters need to be replaced.

Up to 200 messages can be captured by the in-car device via the OBD port.

Evans is also investigating linking residual value prediction data to In-Car Cleverness.

“A dealer will be able to track the use of a car, the mileage, service work done and the mpg figure to make a predicted RV at the end of a finance term,” he said.

“The dealer will be empowered to approach the customer with a new car offer, one that will meet their requirements based on the car’s use.”

If the dealer misses a contact opportunity, In-Car Cleverness can step in on their behalf.

It will also works with the dealer to provide a benchmark figure on the impact the device will have on aftersales performance – and offers price matching information on equivalent work provided by independent competitors.

The cost to the dealer per unit is £50 for three years.

Forecast return on investment is 500%.

Vehicle and vehicle use data is owned by the customer.

It is anonymised for analysis purposes by In-Car Cleverness.

Also inherent in the new business is a credit hire opportunity for Accident Exchange, but this is not conditional, Evans said.

He also gave assurances that manufacturers have “no objections” to OnBoard.

He said In-Car Cleverness is working with 1,800 franchised dealerships now and 17 leasing companies.

He wants to have 40,000 units in use by dealers (30,000) and fleets (10,000) this year and 150,000 in 2015.

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  • Jeff Jarvis. - 20/05/2013 15:15

    Good God, Have you all been asleap for the last 35years? Nothing has changed.

  • Rob Hegarty - 21/05/2013 10:54

    Salesmen now to be called "product genius",what, on a £10k basic ? Some genius. Does this now mean that we are to refer to the 'customers' as ' car buddies' ? Order takers are salesmen who won't /can't be lead by their manager. The person who wrote the article has clearly never had a £100k car go fully paid. Makes me so mad I'm coming back to manage a retail showroom a.s.a.p to show them how it's done, and yes it can be fun for the 'customer' !

    • Jeff - 21/05/2013 11:18

      @Rob Hegarty - Good on Rob

    • Rob Hegarty - 21/05/2013 11:37

      @Rob Hegarty - these people have also never been on the end of the phone when the manufacturer tells them on the last day of the month that you have to register another 15 cars to make your' revised' target, F&i targets only get met on consistent 'physical' business too, if I remember ( twas just yesterday) the general public do quite like a deal on a car thats in front of them too. Which dealer group adopts the " you are not here to sell" approach ?, I thoght not.......